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Duvili Ella waterfall This waterfall is also called the Walawe Ganga Fall (east) is located close to Kaltota near the Walawe Ganga. It has been described as one of the most unusual waterfalls in Sri Lanka. The fat, the short, the old, the sprightly and not so agile. Peple can reach to a place opposite the waterfall which fell from a broad rock 40 metres down in a haze of water. It was the most fantastic sight because unlike other waterfalls what you see is a misty cascade of droplets in a sheer veil of shimmering light. That is why it is called Duvili Ella - dust-like waterfall. Hence the name Duvili Ella – Duvili for dust in Sinhala and Ella for Fall.

Location - Close to Kaltota near the Walawe Ganga.

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