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Through the misty mountains - Trekking trip to Ohiya & Bambarakanda Waterfall

1 Nights & 2 Days

This is a 1 night trekking trip to Bambarakanda waterfall through Thangamale rain forest in Haputale, rail roads & tunnels, remote tea estates in Ohiya.

Day 1

The trek starts from Haputale, you will be first trekking through a protected rain forest which will lead to a very scenic mountain cliff where you would be able to witness train passes through the colonial era railway line built by British’s to transport the tea harvest to Colombo port.

Then you will be walking in parallel to railway line amidst misty tea estates with fascinating views of the valley below. You will come across one two railway tunnels and then to a hill country railway station from which point you will be again entering a forest which leads to a scenic cliff where we serve you a picnic meal.

Then again we enter to a forest which is also very scenic and at the end of the forest we will be passing through a very remote tea estate and its village where you would be able to interact with villagers who were originally brought to Sri Lanka from India to work in the tea estates introduced by the British’s.  Their way of life is still primitive. You would be able to see tea plucking ladies and weighing of plucked tea harvest. You are encouraged to interact with them and give them some gifts (pens, candies, chocolates etc) where they will highly appreciate and admire.

From this point onwards it will be a descend to another remote tea estate where you will be staying overnight at a home stay where you will be served from their hearts. Do not expect commercial luxury here as this is a basic home stay with basic comforts but very clean. The view from the home stay is very beautiful as it directly sits looking toward a nice view point. On arrival you will be served a warm Tea with a smile. The cook, care taker and your trekking guide will ensure that your stay here will be pleasant one by going that extra mile. They will show you how to wear the Sri Lankan traditional dress for ladies, the Saree, sing songs after a warm dinner with Sri Lankan rice and curry and share their life experiences in this remote tea estate village. 

Day 2

After a warm cup of tea enjoy a hearty breakfast prepared by the enthusiastic cook. We will then say good bye to our home stay and proceed towards the mountain cliff to get the best view of the valley below and through a remote tea estate where again you would be able to interact with villagers and their children. Buying a packet or two cookies for them from the village boutique will be admired by these children.

Then you will be passing through an area called “Devil’s staircase” a very narrow with three hair pin bends and at the end of this the tea estate the scenery come more fascinating. 

At this point we will descend to a waterfall called “Lanka Falls” where you would be able to swim and have a cold bath in the natural pool at the base of the waterfall. You will be served a picnic meal at this place.

Then we continue or journey further down where you will come to see Sri Lanka’s highest waterfall “Bambarakanda”. If you wish we can take you to the starting point of the waterfall too. Then you will be descending further with the view of Bambarakanda waterfall view intact. Here too if you wish you can have a swim at the base of the waterfall.

Finally, we are at the end of our two days trekking trip of Sri Lanka’s central highlands where you will be met with your driver to continue your trip in Sri Lanka in the rest of the parts. If you wish to rest a day after the trekking trip we suggest you select Haputale or Diyatalawa town which accessible in 45 minutes drive from the waterfall base. Cranford Villa in Diyatalawa, Olympuz Plaza Hotel and Sri Lak view hotel in Haputale are good choices with varied budgets.

------End of the tour------

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  • Trek through forests, up country rail road
  • remote tea estates & villages
  • scenic passes
  • waterfalls
  • scenic plains at Horton Plains National Park

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