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Trekking Trails of Sri Lanka

Description : A great way to enjoy a new country is to get down and get your feet grubby, these trekking trails are designed with the average person in mind, healthy and fit enough to enjoy a good hearty walk, so what better way than a trek through the highest terrain Sri Lanka has to offer.

Notes: Carry enough water for a day (02 ltrs), dress lightly and have hiking boots on and make sure that you follow trail set by your guide at all times.

Ohiya to Kalupahana :

Ohiya to Kalupanaha (via road it approx 38 Km) but with our experienced guide showing you the way you\\\'ll be there in half the distance passing some of the most scenic picture postcard type locations along the way.

At the start of the trek our experienced guide will escort you through lush green tea estates encountering the dusky maiden\\\'s with their wicker baskets strapped on their back, plucking tea upon rows and rows of tea bushes, then you\\\'ll encounter the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Bambarakanda, where you could stop and have your picnic lunch and have a swim in the rock pool below the falls before you begin again.

The walk is categorized as strenuous though done at leisurely pace and the trail is seldom flat, if you have medical conditions please inform your tour operator in advance, note that the trek cuts through mountain passes which are not accessible to vehicles of any sort.

Horton Plains

Horton plains or Mahaeliya Tenna in Sinhalese is the great plains of the central hills of Sri Lanka, located approximately 30 km from the town of Nuwara Eliya better known for its cooler climate. Horton plains was discovered by the Colonial British, namely Governor Barnes & Sir Samuel Baker, who accounts of wanton shooting of Elephants in Horton plains in the name entertainment , no elephants are to be seen here now, only Elk, stag, butterflies, and many endemic types of flora.

The starting point is marked by a gate and a little pond and further up you'll end up in a resting station before you start the trek, 10 km of it. A little climb on a cobblestone path will take you to the fork and taking the left here would be less strenuous on the way back, jumping or climbing short hops down from boulder to boulder on this routes while listening to the birds and wind through the trees is magical, once you reach the worlds end you'll experience the cloud forest & be ready for the occasional drench as well. You'll need a bit of patients to wait for the clouds to part and show you the great vista of the valley spreading for miles below. On a clear day you might even spot the ocean across the southern part of Sri Lanka. Further on, the trail becomes even and then you'll have to make an arduous climb down to see Bakers falls and rest at the platform relishing the cool spray of the fall.

After climbing back on to the main trek from Bakers falls, one can encounter the old chimney pool created by the long forgotten British planter to harvest water for plantation. The walk is categorized as average walk and do Keep your camera ready throughout, as you never know when you'll get to snap that Pulitzer Prize winning shot! Overall route is categorized as average.

Liptons Seat and Dambetanna Estate

Liptons seat – located in Dambetenna estate off Haputale – Bandarawela is one of the greatest locations to trek to while enjoying panoramic views and also happens to be the famous look-out point of the Scottish tea baron, Sir Thomas Lipton.

Two trekking options are available one from Haputale via Dambetenna tea estate and the other falling through Nayabedda Tea Estate. Walk through the lush green thread bare carpet of tea bushes marching down on you from all four directions through small trails which criss-cross the estate. Our guide will be at hand to guide you through the mist that appears without warning but clears the same way, a small detour will bring you to St.Catherin's seat within Nayabedda Estate, you can also take one route up return on the other enjoying the breath-taking views and on a clear day you could see right down to the southern coastal belt.

Brilliant blue sky against the back drop of lush green fields, a picnic near one of many unnamed others en route while taking in the sites around will be an experience of a life time. The route is categorized as gentle to average.

Bandarawela back-track

The place where British sought refuge during the second world war withzJapan creating havoc in realms of their far flung empire, an unpretentious and unhurried little town nestled in the hills with a climate similar to Nuwara Eliya but milder and a touch of balmy wind that invites you to linger on the mountainside.

Most folk living here are farmers and will be happy to show you around and you'll find that's it's impossible to keep your eyes or feet off the landscape though as you encounter some of the most stunning picture post card style locations on your way. After a trek through the town and then continue to "Adisham Bangalow" originally the country house of Sir Thomas Villiers now a monastery where the orchards produce guava, strawberries among other things, confirms the fact that this community is  into farming exotic varieties flowers and fruit.

Belihul-oya scenic tour

Beli-hul oya – located on the road to Haputale at an altitude of 570MSL, offers one of the most scenic locations to honeymooners, the old colonial era rest house is dramatically perched beside a creek which gives the town its name of Beli-hul Oya.

Trek to a lesser known waterfall of Papulagala Ella(30m), through the northern slopes of Papulagala Mountain 14 kms round trek winding and demanding falls through terraced paddy cultivations, then keep climbing through pine plots, montane forest patches and finally the falls,  meant for the more adventures travellers who prefer a challenge, take your picnic lunch by the falls and enjoy a dip in the icy cold waters if you like, or simply enjoy the surrounding view. The trek trails amidst tumbling waterfalls, rock pools, gushing streams, abundant wildlife is complemented by fresh & crisp climate, a result of its location in the intermediate Upland zone. The vegetation consists of moist semi-evergreen forests, tropical savanna forests, dry patana grasslands and montane temperate forests, making it a bio-diversity hotspot, perfect trekking option for nature lovers.

Kalupahana to Horton Plains & Worlds end through Bambarakanda

Trek covers approximately 24 kms and only demi-gods or descendents with direct lineage from Mt.Olympus may try! The trek traverses through great scenic locations clad in wisps of mist which parts to offer the most breadth-taking vistas of valleys and mountains below.

This unique track will give you an opportunity to enjoy some of the best hill country landscapes of Sri Lanka and push you to the very limits of your endurance as you pass hair pin bends exceeding 15 degrees gradient, one section of the trail is so difficult to pass that it is popularly known as the "Devils staircase" popular among locals as the"Double cut" and really a road to hell! You will also be able to see the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, the"Bambarakanda falls" where you can witness the triple jumps Belihul oya makes to create the falls.

Continue onwards past Bambarakanda falls is the site of the little outpost rest house operated by Mrs. Mayakaduwa, an ideal place to enjoy a good cup of tea and enjoy the scenery. Refreshed and rejuvenated the trail winds into a back dirt road passing the spot where you can see the falls surrounded by mountains and pine lots and further up through "Udaweriya Estate" you'll have a glimpse of Samanalawewa reservoir and the breadth taking view across vast Kalthota plains below.

Then you come to the famous "Devils Stair case" here is where your prowess of a demi-god will come in handy if you do not wish to meet Hedes in person. Further down on this trail across patches of pine will set you at the Ohiya-Pattipola-Hortain plains route.

------End of the tour------

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