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Welcome to one of Asia\'s oldest rail journeys and enjoy the child-like glee of sticking ones head out of the window to feel the cool breeze and the constant klickety-clack of iron wheels on rail or travel in air-conditioned comfort and feel like a tycoon from another era, enjoy our star class comforts indulging in the services on offer in two well appointed, air-conditioned saloons fitted with plush reclining seats, travel through the most scenic locations of Trincomalee, Kandy, Badulla or Matara in the island.

Step inside a train in Sri Lanka and when the whistle blows at the Colombo Fort station built by the British during the Colonial era was the hub of collecting upcountry tea and the upcountry rail lines were laid to enable the tea to be brought to Colombo, your journey starts to the great beyond, witness the technicolour of green lush paddy\'s, ladies in brilliant sarees, ancient temples and add them to your nostalgic memories aboard a Sri Lankan train journey, on the way you\'ll see tiny villages, vast plains, soaring mountains and historic ruins, places you want to visit again and explore more closely.

Our stewards & stewardesses will cater your needs in true colonial style with meals served to your seat, and the experienced staff will point out the best places for your photographs while serving meals, tea/coffee. From the flat coastal plains that offer the best sunset & rises to the central hills that offer waterfalls on the left, scenic mountains on the right and tunnels in between are to be pondered when selecting a journey.

Available Journeys

Colombo to Kandy & return - Great journey for the types who doesn\'t like to be \"locked down\" on a tour bus, enjoy the changing scenery from city suburbs, across rivers to the paddy fields changing into mountain ranges as you chug along to Kandy taking in the colonial railway stations along the way with most of the old \"hand\" signals intact. A right hand seat is ideal for mountain spotting and don\'t miss the \"Bible rock\" which looks an open book.

Colombo to Badulla & return – The journey takes you past Peradeniya and beyond, from here the train keeps traveling uphill past beautiful waterfalls on your left mountain ranges on your right till you past the highest railway station of Pattipola(…….MSL) then the train treks through Adams Peak wilderness reserve and Horton plains reserve both of which are designated as UNESCO World heritage wilderness areas the lone sentinel on your right is Adams peak the most revered hillock in Sri Lanka. Approaching Badulla witness the \"Demodara loop\" and don\'t forget to peek inside the old Colonial style railway station and building.

Colombo to Trincomalee & return - A great train journey across the ancient ruin dotted \"Raja Rata\" or lands of Kings in the northern plains of Sri Lanka, passing many man-made reservoirs\' and mile upon mile of paddy fields, to arrive at China-Bay, the Colonial naval station of the British Empire where the SEAC Allied supreme commander was based during the second world war.

Colombo to Matara & return – The word sun-setting would have been coined while traveling down this coastal stretch of rail 160 km long, where mile after mile of beach combined with toddy tapper ropes criss-crossing the coconut palm tops, the stilt fishing in Galle, the rolling waves of the Indian Ocean merge to paints an unforgettable picture to relate to your grandchildren in years to come.

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