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kala Wewa National Park Sri Lanka

Location Type

: Nature & Wildlife

Distance From Airport

: 145 KM (3 h 37 min)

Distance From Colombo

: 177 KM (4 h 18 min)


: Kala Wewa National Park, Wildlife Safaris

Declared as a national park in 2015 this expanse of forest is surrounding the giant Kalawewa and Balalu Wewa tanks which were constructed by King Datusena in the 5th Century and is another location where herds of Asian Elephant can be encountered. The specialty about the herd in this park is the high number of tuskers (male elephants with ivory). Tuskers are a rarity in Sri Lanka and only a small percentage of pachyderms carrying ivory are found, hence the genetic structure of these elephants are unique. Further the park has a beautiful landscape lined with massive Kumbuk Trees, and during certain dry seasons, thousands upon thousands of open billed storks. The park is accessible only during the dry season when the water levels recede, resulting in green glades of grass emerging, which are much sought after by the elephants. Further this makes it accessible by jeep. This is a good alternative to witness an elephant gathering away from the busy crowds in other parks

Photographs of kala Wewa National Park

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