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Thissamaharama Sri Lanka

Location Type

: Culture & Heritage

Distance From Airport

: 284 Km (7.15 hour drive)

Distance From Colombo

: 254 Km (6.30 hour drive)


: Tissa Maha Dagoba (Tissa great stupa), Tissa Wewa Rainwater reservior, Deberawewa Rainwater reservior, Sandagiri Dagoba, Yatala Dagoba, Menik dagoba, Ruins of Galkanumandiya, Wirawila Wewa (Wirawila rain water reservoir) Bird Sanctuary, Kirinda

Magama or the present day Thissamaharama was a capital of Ruhuna (3 century BC to 11 century AD) since the days of the regional king Mahanaga (3 century BC). Many monuments built during this period are still exist. The most prominent dagabos are Thissa, Ytala, Manic Vehera and Sandagiri vehera dotted around the town but within few kilometres.

About a kilometre form the Thissa Dagoba, recent excavations at Akurugoda has revealed the ancient town had a street system to conform to the four cardinal directions and the size of the citadel was second only to Anuradhapura. The streets have had pavements and seem to have had a zoning system.

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Hotels in Sri Lanka

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