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Rekawa Sri Lanka

Location Type

: Beach

Distance From Airport

: 220 Km (6.15 hour drive)

Distance From Colombo

: 190 Km (5.30 hour drive)


: Beach area, turtle watcing

The small fishing village of REKAWA is a vital eco tourism venue located about 10 km east of the south coast town of Tangalla , Sri Lanka . Srilankan Expedition works closely with the TCP (Turtle Conservation Project) in their ‘Turtle watch\' programme on the Rekawa beach where visitors can observe the ancient ritual of turtles coming ashore and laying eggs.

This pioneering turtle conservation programme was started in 1996 to protect sea turtles in their natural habitat while providing an alternative source of income to people formerly dependent on the illegal collection of turtle eggs. Five out of the seven species of marine turtles that are familiar (but endangered) come to nest in this part of the Sri Lankan coastline, making it an ideal location to marvel at one of nature\'s most fascinating processes!

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