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Pottuvil Sri Lanka

Location Type

: Beach

Distance From Airport

: 400 Km (8.30-9.30 hour drive)

Distance From Colombo

: 380Km (8-9 hour drive)


: Beach, Surf Spots, Underwater Photography, Fishing, National Parks

Pottuvil is situated on the Indian Ocean in the dry zone of Sri Lanka\'s South-East coast. The area is rich in bird life and wildlife in the widespread jungle areas, wetlands and lagoons nearby. It is 2 km away from the Arugam Bay. It has 12.000 inhabitants out of which 80% are Muslim. Pottuvil is a real cowboy-town around a mainstreet with a rather widespread residential neighbourhood.

There is a simple communication centre, a market, and many small shops with the daily needs for the local population of farmers, fishermen and traders. Being a predominantly Muslim area, there are no liquor shops. The nearest liquor shop is in Siyambalanduwa 35 km from Pottuvil, where the population is Singhalese and Buddist. Pottuvil has a small government hospital. The hospital\'s doctors have private clinics in Pottuvil, where they practice in the mornings and evenings.

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