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Marawila Sri Lanka

Location Type

: Beach

Distance From Airport

: 25 Km (1 hour drive)

Distance From Colombo

: 55 Km (2 hour drive)


: Beach area

Travel North away from the airport up the bustling main road that runs parallel to the coast, (although it is not possible to see the ocean as buildings, plantations and jungle obscure any view), passing through conurbations with such names as Nainamadama and Katuneriya eventually after some 35 Kilometres we turn towards the sea along small un-adopted lanes to reach the small fishing settlement at Marawila. Here you will often see the men mending their nets or boats, preparing themselves to venture out onto the Ocean in their oruvas, an outrigger like canoe with distinctive sails. The area has been heavily influenced by various foreigners over centuries and many of the local population are catholic, so don’t be surprised to see a few large churches in this area fondly known locally as little Rome. The local folk still derive their meagre income from the sea and small holdings, although increasingly many commute to the small factories that are springing up providing much needed work. The area is rural with dense jungle attracting many rare species of migrant birds – there is a protected nature reserve close by. The beach along this stretch of coast is sandy and wide, ideal for sun worshipping and beach games.

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