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Living in Kelaniya, a historical town in Sri Lanka just outskirts of Colombo. Nishantha loves to dress well. He speaks fluent Japanese and English.


Soft spoken Mahen is an experienced Chef, both Sri Lanka and in Australia. Mahen is an motor sports enthusiast. Mahen speaks fluent English and some German.


Born and living in Kandy, Rasika is an easy go character who is very knowledgeable on Buddhism and he will share that knowledge with you. Rasika speak some Japanese and good in English.


One of the pioneer chauffeurs in our team and Zuhar is well respected in the tourism industry. His vast knowledge of Sri Lanka's tourism attractions will make your tour in Sri Lanka a memorable one.


Kenneth is specialist in Sri Lankan spices and has his own spice garden. He is from Kandy. Fun loving and easy go guy who knows the best places to see and go. Kenneth prefer to accompany families.


A body builder from deep down southern part of Sri Lanka :) Soft spoken, wealth of knowledge on Sri Lanka. Nice guy to be our chauffeur.


Gamini lived in Italy for several years, experienced in Italian food preparation. Speaks good Italian. Born and raised in Tangalle, popular tourist destination n Sri Lanka. Gamini will make your trip a memorable one.


An Electrical Engineer by profession who has lived in New Zealand for several years. His passion for Sri Lanka's tourism makes him accompany and drive our clients around Sri Lanka.


Damith is a master of Ceylon Tea, he talks about tea tasting, tea blending and all sorts of Tea jargon. His knowledge on Sri Lanka's birds are very good as he identifies birds correctly. Prior to joining us he has worked in hospitality trade in Middle eastern countries.


Partly qualified in Charted Institute of Marketing (CIM) UK and qualified Gem specialist. Rukshan has experience in UAE driving celebrities. Speaks some Japanese and fluent in English. His knowledge in Sri Lanka's attractions and things to do will ensure our clients get the best value of their trip with him.

Day Tours and Excursions


Hotels in Sri Lanka

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