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We work with internationally experienced; professionally trained crew who have worked in over Twenty five international films, in addition to commercials, documentaries and music videos, and our crew is globally recognized for their expertise. We offer exotic and extraordinary locations that are normally inaccessible such as naturally beautiful settings, majestic hills, mist clad mountains, cascading water falls and sandy sunny beaches.

The government of Sri Lanka , The National film Corporation and the Ministry of Defence extends its fullest cooperation to the film industry and we have, over the years, built up a net work of ever reliable contacts.

For your shoot in Sri Lanka we can bring you the best of the breed expertise and equipment to carry out a hassle free shoot.

Our services include,

  • Government Liaison
  • Modern and up –to-date equipment supply
  • Permissions and permits
  • Budget Preparation
  • Script Approval
  • Construction and set design
  • Logistical Support which includes Transportation and Accommodation

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