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Jungle Tide - Kandy Sri Lanka

Overview of Jungle Tide - Kandy

Overview of The Bungalow

Bungalow is 11km from the centre of Kandy and the journey takes about 40 minutes. You will probably need to hire a vehicle and driver (we can recommend drivers if needed). Driver accommodation is provided within the price. Vehicles can be parked next to the house. For the more adventurous, there is a local bus service from Kandy to the village about 1km from Bungalow

Bungalow Tide is about four hours by road or rail from Colombo or (by road only) from the airport.

The last 3km of the road up to bungalow is very poor. A four-wheel drive vehicle, or a van, is essential. Three-wheelers can avoid the potholes if there are only two of you and you aren’t carrying a lot of baggage.

Accommodation at the bungalow

Three guest bedrooms (two double and one twin) are arranged in one wing of the bungalow, each being 12ft wide by 13ft 4in to 14ft 6in, plus attached shower/toilet room. Each bedroom opens onto the wide front verandah with magnificent views towards the Knuckles Range. One bedroom also has side windows with a view across to the inland cliff of Oorogalla (Pig Rock).

We have two folding single beds which can be put in any of the rooms for a small extra charge, and there is a cot available free of charge.

A large living/dining room connects this wing with the fourth bedroom (16ft by 13ft plus bathroom). The pantry/kitchen, equipped to highest western standards, is also in this area of the house. A smaller wing contains the staff kitchen, laundry room, store room, staff accommodation and a drivers’ room for up to two drivers.

Guests have the option of taking their meals on their private verandahs or using the dining room. The table will seat up to ten people. Eating on the verandahs is lovely but insects can be a problem in the evenings at some times of the year.

Rani and Martin cook excellent Sri Lankan food and will make it very mild if you don’t like spicy dishes. Western and other food is available at the restaurant of a nearby hotel if you prefer non-Sri Lankan food or just want to have a change – but do look at what guests have said about Rani’s amazing cooking before you decide!

The gardens at the bungalow

The site is on two levels, with the house and lawned area at the top and a steep bank dividing this from the larger garden area below. There are steps down the bank to the lower gardens and these can also be accessed by a road branching off the road to the house.  The lower gardens suffered a major landslip in December 2012 which has proved time-consuming and costly to fix but the work has now been completed. The house and upper gardens were not affected.

The land was formerly part of the tea estate and creating a truly wonderful garden obviously takes time – though less time in the tropics than you might think. We already have a stream which runs through the garden then forms the boundary of the land and which has been dammed in two places, one of which creates a pool for cooling off in. There are also fruit trees and ornamental shrubs.

However lovely the plants are, it is the wildlife, and especially the birds, which make bungalow so special. Dozens of bird species can be seen, from tiny sunbirds to eagles. The best time is from around 4pm to dusk – just sit on the verandah and watch. We have provided binoculars and bird-recognition books for guests to use. Monkeys visit almost every day. Although to gardeners they are a pest (they eat absolutely everything) their antics are undeniably amusing. We also frequently see mongooses and various lizards in the top gardens. There are also many different kinds of butterfly including some really giant ones.

If you’re feeling brave you might want to venture down to the lower gardens at night (take a strong torch and stout stick) and you may see wild boar or, just possibly, a porcupine. Even if you don’t, on  a clear night the stars are spectacular as there is no light pollution.

Swimming pool at the bungalow

There is a 12m x 6m pool in the lower gardens. We plan to build a shelter near the pool with shower, toilet and changing facilities once we have saved up the money!

Self-catering at Jungle Tide-Kandy

Guests who book the whole house have the option of self-catering instead of bed and breakfast. Or you can mix and match, cooking for yourselves some days and paying Martin and Rani to prepare meals on the other days provided you give them enough notice. The house has a kitchen fully equipped to western standards. It is possible to purchase the ingredients for almost any kind of meal in Kandy, at the market and in supermarkets. Supermarkets are more expensive but as far as meat and fish are concerned probably a safer bet unless you know what you are buying. You will also probably need to use a supermarket to buy such things as pasta or cheese, as well as drinks of all kinds. Kandy market is brilliant for fruit and vegetables as well as spices.

It is possible to buy many essential foods in the local village; ask Martin for advice on this.

Facts of Jungle Tide - Kandy

City - Kandy

Category - Hill Country Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 120 Km (3.30 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 150 Km (4.30 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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