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Royal River Resort-Kitulgala Sri Lanka

Overview of Royal River Resort-Kitulgala

The Royal River Resort is situated amidst a Rubber plantation in the riverside village of Kitulgala, sandwiched between the western coastal belt and the scenic central highlands. Kitulgala is located 90 km. from Colombo (a 2.5 hour drive). The Royal River Resort clings to the edge of the Ing Oya rapids. The surrounding waterfalls, lush vegetation as well as numerous species of birds and butterflies - makes this an ideal destination for nature lovers. White water rafting and canoeing is possible in the nearby Kelani River.

A 6 km drive from Kitulgala, along a narrow roadway through rubber plantations, takes you to this unique resort perched on top of boulders alongside the Ing Oya rapids. With just four rooms that can comfortably accommodate eight adults, it is a small and eco-friendly hotel. Due to the rapids nearby, it is not recommended for children. The architectural design takes full advantage of the surrounding wilderness with winding paths leading up to the bedrooms, and an infinity pool built over a rock, with the boulders maintained within giving the swimming pool a natural feel. The area is a natural habitat for birds and butterflies, making this a nature lover’s dream. Leech socks and solution are recommended for those planning to explore. The Kelani river, a 10 minute drive from the hotel, is the main whitewater rafting location in the island offering grade three rapids suitable for intermediate rafters and, outside rainy seasons, beginners.

Activities Available in Royal River Resort-Kitulgala

  • Agro Tourism
  • Cycling and Mountain Biking
  • Hiking & Trekking

Facts of Royal River Resort-Kitulgala

City - Kitulgala

Category - Hill Country Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 96 Km (2.45 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 126 Km (3.30 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates On Request

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