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Peacock Villa Ayurveda Garden Sri Lanka

Overview of Peacock Villa Ayurveda Garden

"Peacock villa" is Ayurveda resort in Sri Lanka. Villa is located in the south of Sri Lanka, about 4 km (8 min) from Dickwella town.  This small town is located on the coast of Indian Ocean, in the coral reef gulf, and is famous for its wonderful white sand beaches.

We are happy we managed to restore the spirit of Ayurveda in this ancient country house built in about 1930 special for its aura and history.

According to the locals, about 50 years ago a well-known Ayurveda doctor has been living and treating people in this country house. Owing to this woman, this place found its Ayurvedic spirit and peace.

Pay attention that a variety of plants is growing in the territory of “Peacock villa”. The majority of these plants are used in Ayurveda medicine and they are necessary for the most essential procedures.

The Ayurveda villa is surrounded by wildlife. It is a unique corner of natural beauty.

Therefore, without violating the harmony of this divine nature, near "Peacock villa" we have set a garden with vegetables, spice plants and herbs suitable for real Ayurvedic food.

"Peacock villa" is surrounded by nearly one hectare territory, where you will find an excellent Ayurvedic rest. You will have a rest away from civilization, big city buzz, revitalize your soul, restore the peace of mind, and compliance of the body.

In the shadow of huge mango tree, we have set 12 m long swimming pool for you to refresh your body and to allow the peace of your soul blossoming.

Specialists of Ayurveda state that the best results of Ayurveda treatment are achieved when you have a rest away from civilization, revitalize your soul, restore the peace of mind and compliance of the body.  The beach has several disadvantages such as salted water and air, noise, wind, direct sun rays that dry your skin and do not allow your body and soul bring to balance. Also tsunami risk is completely eliminated in Peacock villa due to sufficient distance from beach and sufficient height above sea level.

Of course, if you feel good and really wish to enjoy white sand beach and ocean the staff of Peacock villa we will take you to the beach and bring you back free of charge during your free time between or after procedures.

Accommodation of Peacock Villa Ayurveda Garden

Peacock villa is comprised of 7 rooms (2 single and 5 double). All rooms have attached bathrooms with cold and solar heated water, ceiling fans as well as mosquito nets. All double rooms have king-size beds. Peacock villa and rooms are furnished in wooden antique style.

Villa has also dining room, two verandas for relax, two specially equipped cabanas for Ayurvedic procedures, Ambalama  – traditional Sri Lankan building for rest,  were everyone can find shelter and enjoy tranquillity. Near cabanas the waterfall is equipped, the sound of which helps to relax during Ayurvedic procedures.

For a walk, you can choose several routes outside "Peacock villa".

Nearby, about 800 meters away, you will find wide rice fields and, possibly, witness a sight of extraordinary beauty – the mating dance of peacocks.

At a similar distance around the villa, you will find the ancient Buddhist sanctuaries full of history and traditions.

At some distance from "Peacock villa", untroubled surface of lake and streaming river will invite you to forget everything and feast your eyes on the enchanting nature of Sri Lanka.

Activities Available in Peacock Villa Ayurveda Garden-Dickwella

  • Fishing


Dining of Peacock Villa Ayurveda Garden

At "Peacock villa", authentic Ayurvedic methods of treatment are applied. You will be offered a time-proven and efficient Ayurvedic treatment – body cleansing from toxic substances and harmful impulses of the mind and soul, yoga, meditation, massages, and individual diet.

Upon arrival to "Peacock villa" you will be consulted by our doctor on the same or the following day (depending on time of your arrival and state of your health).

Ayurveda doctor will consider the state of your health, your physical and mental qualities and prescribe individual treatment and procedures.

The main goal is to improve your health, restore physical and mental strength, and ensure their further preservation.

Only after defining the main reason for disease or distress, "Peacock villa" Ayurveda experts will prescribe a qualified and authentic treatment.

An entire complex of exclusively natural and ancient treatment methods will be applied: herbs, various Ayurvedic massages, yoga, meditation, and individual diet with consideration of the balance of doshas of each person.

In Ayurveda, beauty means unity of body, mind, and soul.  That is why, at "Peacock villa" you will find the balance of these fundamental things.   Natural gifts of nature – Sri Lanka sun-ripe fruits, aromatic herbs, and vegetables – will give you strength.   That what we cannot or do not want to eat we should not put on our skin as well. This is an important Ayurvedic rule used in creating recipes and performing beauty treatments

Thus, at "Peacock villa" you will use only natural products selected specially for you.

Ayurveda experts will select relaxing procedures and beauty treatments, weight-loss stimulating massages, and other procedures bringing your body to mental and physical balance. The doctor who well-knows ancient Ayurveda traditions will advise you on how to combine your diet and lifestyle with natural principles of a healthy lifestyle.

The goal of the owners, doctors and the entire staff of "Peacock villa" is very simple – to help you in finding the peace of body and spirit, the harmony in yourself and the surrounding world, and learning about yourself and taking a better care of yourself. Only having found the internal balance, you will feel yourself in harmony and safety, experience the strength and creativity.

"Peacock villa" is the oasis of divine beauty and peace on Sri Lanka.  Write us, ask us, come to us.  We guarantee a unique combination of rest and treatment. New "Peacock villa" and old traditions of mysterious Ayurveda.

Facts of Peacock Villa Ayurveda Garden

City - Dickwella

Category - Ayurveda Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 170 Km (4.30 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 200 Km (5.15 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates On Request

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