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Roman Lake Sri Lanka

Overview of Roman Lake

Roman Lake nestles in an enchanted forest on the edge of one of Sri Lanka’s largest inland waterways, the Maduganga. Pristine mangroves mingle with languid waters and a tropical forest to create the Maduganga, a unique and unspoiled space and one of the country’s best kept secrets. Eight spacious suites provide the ultimate in privacy and seclusion in one of nature’s most secret hideouts. Each suite is equipped with a flat screen television, a state-of-the-art I-pod charger with speakers, coffee and tea making facilities, and a mini-bar. Five rooms on the upper level come with a private Jacuzzi, in the front balcony over looking the waters. Roman Lake has been designed by Channa Daswatte, one Asia’s leading architects. The hotel’s raw concrete, burnished teak and polished glass, blend effortlessly with the adjoining forest to create a place of secrecy, seclusion and magic. The resort’s swimming pool sits easily on its lawns, creating a space of rejuvenation, tranquility and well being. Nestling in the fishing hamlet of Balapitiya and between the well known seaside destinations of Bentota and Hikkaduwa, Maduganga provides ‘tranquility like no other’. The archipelago, with its enchanting necklace of islands, including the smallest at 10 x 10, and populated by a small and hospitable fishing community, stands a world apart.

Let the waters of the Maduganga calm you, let our natural breezes intoxicate you, let our flutist charm you, let the Sri Lankan monsoon invigorate you, let the rainforest captivate you, and let our staff pamper you: Roman Lake is for you, whoever you may be. Roman Lake is a niche hotel, with a different niche for different people. Whether you are looking for the solitude of self; for a space to dig deep into mind and soul; for time to bond with partner or family; or a space to uncoil, unwind and de-stress, Roman Lake has got a niche for you. Tranquilize yourself with its unique ambience, discover one of Sri Lanka’s best kept secrets and embrace an experience that will place you in a heavenly and memorable space.

Accommodation of Roman Lake

Roman Lake has eight suites, three on the ground floor and five on the first floor. Each suite comes equipped with a flat screen television, music system, a mini-bar, coffee and tea making facilities and large balconies or terraces. Bathrooms are spacious and tastefully organized. Some bathrooms come with rain showers open to the stars. Each suite has a terrace or balcony. Wi-fi is available in the room, by the pool and on the lawn.

The suites on the first floor have a Jacuzzi, either on the balcony or inside the bathroom, all with views of the languid Maduganga. King size beds, crisp white sheets and extraordinary levels of customized service provide an added touch of luxury.


Five luxury bedrooms on the first floor are the highlight of this enchanting boutique hotel

A soft snug bed adorned with crisp white bed-sheets and dazzling bright bed spreads contrasting yet complimenting each other, with a breathtaking view of the serine Lake, invites you at first glance. Following the same rusty-feel theme of the hotel, the elegant furnishings add splendor and elegance to the room. Each corner of this spectacular work of art, illustrates its own unique story of style and glamour.

The glamorous attached bathroom not only steals your breath, but also steals the splendor of the room as it boasts its majestic elegance. Its open air Jacuzzi offers the same breathtaking view of the pool and the distant serine Lake.

Nothing beats a relaxing bath in the Jacuzzi tub, while enjoying the view of the sun set in the horizon. During the evening hours, as the sun sets, extending its golden rays one last time across the island, giving everything within its reach a golden glow; sitting back and enjoying a glass of wine on the open balcony, is the place to be.


The charm and elegance of the standard bedrooms in this glamourous boutique hotel do not fall short of the standard of comfort available in the Luxury bedrooms.

The cozy double bed looks regal with its pearl white sheets gleaming in the light, only disturbed by the contrasting yet complimenting bright hued bed spread which not only adds colour but also style to the luxurious piece of furniture which is the centre piece of this elegant room. As in the Luxury bedrooms, the view of the glimmering blue ocean, from the bed is breathtaking.

As each piece of furniture holds its own bit of magic, the room as a whole is a world of untold beauty and splendor. The glass doors slide to offer you a stunning view of the sea in the distance, where seated on one of the chairs in the balcony beside your loved one as you enjoy the glory of nature feels like a piece of heaven.

Equipped with all the facilities of any boutique hotel; tea/coffee corner, 24Hr room service and hot and cold water facilities, these luxurious and enchanting bedrooms give a whole new meaning to the word.

Dining of Roman Lake

Good food is a priority at Roman Lake. The sights, the sounds and the flavours of its cuisine are one of the special experiences to be savoured. Fresh sea food, oriental magic and fusion cuisine, are among the chef’s specials. Challenge yourself with the golden spices and fresh fruit of Sri Lanka or dip into subtle creations from other parts of the world.Meals may be had within the privacy of the rooms, at the common dining area adjacent to the pool, or on the lawns by the waterside. A special dining experience may be had on the hotel’s pontoon, floating above the languid Maduganga and listening to the resort’s unique natural nightlife.

Facts of Roman Lake

City - Balapitiya

Category - Boutique Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 75 Km (2.45 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 105 Km (3.30 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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