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Galavilla Boutique Hotel & Spa-Kandy Sri Lanka

Overview of Galavilla Boutique Hotel & Spa-Kandy

Driving through Sri Lanka in 2008 we were searching for a venue to make our dreams come true.  We found just such a spot in mountainous terrain under the royal city of Kandy.  Five years later, Galavilla welcomed its first guests. Hotel Galavilla is situated in a 2.3 acre compound crafted by creative people and artists from the Czech Republic and Srí Lanka. Original and comfortable settings to stay and relax came into being. 

Galavilla’s mission is not only to provide lodgings for guests in a hotel but to treat them to comprehensive care. Their comfort and relaxation are facilitated by a 20 metre long pool and Jacuzzi for up to 8 people. The Ayurveda pavilion contains massage rooms. Guests can use also a yoga pavilion to exercise and a garden with many charming niches.  The tea pavilion is under construction.

In the course of the year Galavilla holds workshops and seminars. They are focused mainly on finding paths to healing body and mind and spending free time in a creative way. We pay great attention to finding lecturers and themes. The programme is tailored to the needs of seminar attendees. 

The hotel is non-smoking and support healthy lifestyle activities. Our restaurants offer excellent meals from local and international cuisine. We recommend you to taste the Ayurveda diet. 

Our guests seek primarily peace, a beautiful place to rest and an environment for relaxing without the troubling influence of civilisation. They appreciate privacy, comfort, unique surrounding panoramas and meditation ambience. All this only 30 minutes by car from the pulsating city of Kandy.

Our chef Kolitha Jayathunga with his helpers prepares great meals of Sri Lankan and Asian cuisine as well as delicacies from the other parts of the world for our guests. The traditional food preparation on a black kitchen is the specialty. We recommend you to taste Ayurveda meals. The restaurant capacity is thirty people.

Our hotel also provides a unique yoga pavilion(96m2, 4m2 on person with 24 people) which provides extraordinary experience of exercising in our beautiful gardens. Yoga pavilion represents a beneficial background for a wide variety of physical seminars we organize.

Dining of Galavilla Boutique Hotel & Spa-Kandy

  • Fire Room 
  • Wood Room 
  • Water room 
  • Earth room 
  • Moon Room 
  • Metal Room 
  • Air Room 
  • Sun Room 
  • Sun Apartment 
  • Honeymoon apartment 
  • Sky Lodge 
  • Heaven Lodge
Facts of Galavilla Boutique Hotel & Spa-Kandy

City - Kandy

Category - Boutique Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 120 Km (3.30 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 150 Km (4.30 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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