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Hotel KalametiyA Sri Lanka

Overview of Hotel KalametiyA

Hotel KalametiyA is a newly build designed nine bed rooms (A/C and non A/C ) budget hotel. It is adjoining to the world famous Kalametiya Bird's Sanctuary (wet lands) next to a 6 Km deserted very beautiful beach, deep south about half-an-hour from Tangalle.

  • 45 minutes from Maththla International Airport
  • Thirty minutes from Hambantota harbour
  • One hour from Yala National Park
  • 80 kms to Galle city
  • Kalametiya can be accessed from the hill country or along the west coast

Accommodation of Hotel KalametiyA

The hotel has nine designed bed rooms A/C non A/C . All rooms are well furnished including 


Kalametiya Birds Sanctuary

Kalametiya is small fishing community village on the South-Eastern coast of Sri Lanka. Kalametiya is a coastal wetland area that has an especially rich bio-diversity, and is situated on the picturesque southeastern coast of Sri Lanka, in the Hambantota district. You can reach to the site after half hour drive from Tangalle City.

Kalametiy The Bird Sanctary park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1938 (2.500 hectares) but this was abolished in 1946 due to the obligation of local residents.A considerably reduced area and once again it was declared as a sanctuary in 1984. It’s include with Lunama and Kalamatiya lagoons

Kalamatiya area records about 150 species of birds of which 54 are migratory. There are four nationally threatened birds found within this Park. Indian Reef Heron, Glossy Ibis, Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl and Black-capped Purple Kingfisher with Jungle Fowl being the only endemic species.

Activities Available in Hotel KalametiyA

  • Bird Watching
  • Hiking & Trekking

Dining of Hotel KalametiyA

We can provide huge variety of Local , Western and Eastern dishes at Hotel Kalametiya  on your request.
Facts of Hotel KalametiyA

City - Kalamatiya

Category - Adventure and Wildlife Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 210 Km (5.45 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 240 Km (6.30 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on request

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