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Windloft Retreat-Delthota-Kandy Sri Lanka

Overview of Windloft Retreat-Delthota-Kandy

The Windloft, a mountain retreat set high up in Taylor’s valley in Delthota, forming vistas of breath taking beauty and the ever whispering breeze.

Clear night views of the milky-way upon the heavens say how clean and healthy the mountain air is. A hotel located centrally in Delthota, between Kandy & Nuwara Eliya, where the first commercial tea estate was established.

The Windloft offers plenty of trip opportunities to kitulgala the adventure capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy the cultural capital of Sri lank and Nuwara Eliaya the tea capital of Sri Lanka. Bask in complete solitude in this hill station serving authentic rice & curry or western dishes along with your favourite steak. Experience the holistic meditation practices & sense yourself aloft. Enjoy nature … enjoy The Windloft...

Welcome to Windloft retreat, the retreat in the sky …

Imagine a place so tranquil and pristine with stunning panoramic mountain views clad in mist, overlooking the old tea valley of Delthota, with the mesmerizing effect of mountains marching in on you, a place set high up 1000 meters on a mountain cliff with 3600 degrees of unobstructed view. Set high up in the valley right opposite to where the intrepid Scottish planter James Taylor founded the first tea plantation estate of the then colonial Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in 1867.

The windloft retreat is set facing due west offering breathtaking views across the lush Delthota valley below and Taylor’s hill better known as “Loolcondera” and Kondagala range opposite. The windloft retreat sits saddling a mountain ridge with a patch of pine behind it where the wind whispers serenity. Bequeathed with a panorama of the mountains where you can truly relax taking in the splendors of the central hills of Sri Lanka have on offer to the somnolent traveler.

The Wndloft Retreat is owned by a reclusive New Zealander, a former civil servant of the British Empire, with a love for nature and equally passionate Sri Lankan duo has turned this hill crest to a slogan of sustainable tourism by launching a 20 year plan to replant the crest with endemic plants now void, back to its former glory. You could take part, in this noble cause as a contributor on a visit to The Windloft, to explore the area while enjoying the hospitality in true Sri Lankan style.

The trained staff, who understands hospitality from the heart, knows what is required by them as true sons of this land of smiles. Expect you Food with no additives of any sort, aperitif coupled with the stunning 3600 degree view from the timber deck. Let the whispering wind, speak to your heart and say you’ve made the right holiday choice.

The Destination of Windloft Retreat-Delthota-Kandy

Delthota, set in the central hills of Sri Lanka is famous for Tea though strangely enough the story of Ceylon tea begins with coffee and cinchona. The ink was barely dry in the agreement with the Kandyan chieftains and the British of 1815 in Kandy, the last Royal capital of Sri Lanka, when the British started to sell the lands of Kandy for a few pence an acre to enable large scale coffee and cinchona growing. In the 1870’s Sri Lanka was the largest supplier of coffee in the world, all this suddenly came to an end with the onset of coffee rust disease.

By this time an intrepid young Scot by the name of James Taylor had bought a plot of land in the isolated sleepy hamlet of Delthota, located half way between Nuwara Eliya & Kandy. Where the nights are like Nuwara Eliya & days are like Kandy. He started experimenting with cinchona, and tea, the latter destined to become the famous commercial crop synonymous with Ceylon, now Sri Lanka. The iconic Tea Estate of James Taylor “Loolcondera” in Delthota with his original tea bushes in field No 07, along with the famous lookout point of “Taylor’s seat”, are preserved in memory of a son not of this land.

Delthota, is a great location to relax while being in close proximity to Kandy, the last Royal capital of Sri Lanka with a myriad of cultural activities of Sri Lanka are centered. The most important being the “Asela Perehara” held in July-August each year in reverence of the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha. While on the other end of Delthota road is Nuwara Eliya, which was and still is the summer capital of Sri Lanka where the cool climes, mist capped rolling hills, smell of pine & tea, smoking chimneys and gentleman in cardigans bring nostalgia to a European visitor. A round of golf in one of the most challenging and oldest golf clubs in Asia, take a stroll in a park named after the Empress of Britain and many more just two hours away.

Delthota town is still a sleepy hamlet where one can retreat to and relax with the wind whispering across the valley to a tune of its own. The mountain ranges in every direction you look, by night fall, the clean crisp air of high altitude makes it a great vantage point to observe the jeweled necklace of the road snaking its way along the mountain and the Delthota Hamlet along with the “Milkyway” upon the heavens visible like you have never seen before.

Location of Windloft Retreat-Delthota-Kandy

About two hours from Colombo along the Kandy road, cross over at the new bridge in Peradeniya, where till 1956 a satin wood bridge stood, and then a right turn in front of the famous Botanical garden of Peradeniya, would set you off on a memorable journey to Delthota. Past one of the most picturesque campus grounds, up through a windy road. Another one and a half hours drive along this scenic route, when all at once the pressing mountains sides will thin out offering a magnificent vista of the Delthota valley, Welcome to original Tea country.

Nuwara Eliya is just two hours away, as Delthota lies in between two famed cities, Kandy the last royal capital of Sri Lanka & the Nuwara Eliya the summer retreat of the colonial British. The sights and sounds as you pass through this tea country is as unbeatable as any other, and keep your camera ready as waterfalls, tea bushes and rolling hills offer the best opportunity, to snap those memorable photographs that you will associate with Sri Lanka forever.

Living at Windloft Retreat-Delthota-Kandy

The retreat set high above the Delthota valley is comprised of 08 luxury rooms which are aimed at different points of the compass. Taylors Hill is right opposite the retreat at about 04 kilometers distance, which brings nostalgic memories of an era gone by. The very first thing you’ll notice is the unbeatable vistas from the rooms, showing you the best of Delthota valley 1000 m below.

The wide glass panel windows will let you savour the morning, and night sights from you perch up in the sky, without moving from your bed. Step outside to be greeted by the chilly stillness of the morning.

Running Hot / cold water, mini bar, complementary tea/coffee and percolator, telephone, room service, a bar and restaurant along with a natural pool completes the setting of this mountain retreat. A manmade lake sits at the bottom of the retreat offering a great place for a sun tan with a book in hand.

Dining at Windloft Retreat-Delthota-Kandy

The best thing about the Windloft is the good food, served hot and spicy if it’s Sri Lankan on the promenade deck, wrapped tightly around the hotel to provide you with the best vistas, that you could imagine while having your meal.

Authentic Sri Lankan spicy curries, coupled with rice are most recommended here, though the hotel is able to provide you with most western dishes. Blue skies, whispering winds of course will chill your meal very fast, if you choose to have it outside. The dinner here can be a casual affair and during the night sit indoors and enjoy your view through the glass panels to avoid the chill. Don’t forget to try the western specialty made with Nuwara Eliya beef, The windloft Steak.

Meetings at Windloft Retreat-Delthota-Kandy

A great off-site location for your next corporate meeting or outing in seclusion. Plan your meeting in the restaurant or in the conference room. Relax in the entertainment room with a bar and a pool table, along with an ornamental pool after the meeting. A man-made lake surrounded by trees lie below the building, which offers a great place to relax with the sound of running water.

Excursions at Windloft Retreat-Delthota-Kandy

A modern retreat hotel, Ideally tucked half way between Kandy the culture capital of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya the tea capital of Sri Lankan tea and Kithulgala the adventure sports capital of Sri Lanka, in Delthota offers the best of complete solitude and while being close to nature.

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Holistic at Windloft Retreat-Delthota-Kandy

Visit Nilambe, the holistic healing centre in Kandy on an excursion. More than a 1000 resident mediators have used the centre year on year to develop their meditation practice, to help solve their psychological and physical health problems and enrich their lives. Among those who visit the centre are monks, nuns, locals, foreigners, school and university students, Buddhists and non-Buddhists all have made use of the Nilambe meditation centre.

Reforestation at Windloft Retreat-Delthota-Kandy

Born of a concept of the New Zealander owner Peter Duncan, a 20 year program has been started on the premises of twenty acres, to regenerate the forest cover that once existed in the area, in an attempt to give back and support the Green Globe drive the world over. The pet project targets reforestation of the surrounding land with endemic plants that once covered the area. An external expert has been called into assist with the program. As a tourist, you could get involved in the program physically by contributing to plant or assist in planting a tree.

Also under the same program, a tropical herbarium has been launched to propagate plants that once existed in the area. The most interesting thing is that it attracts many moths and butterflies, which take refuge in the herbarium due to the windy condition outside. This gives one an ample opportunity to study them at close quarters. The largest moth recorded in Sri Lanka, the moon moth is also spotted frequently here, and the moth has a wingspan of about eight inches.

Facts of Windloft Retreat-Delthota-Kandy

City - Kandy

Category - Hill Country Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 145 Km (3 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 175 Km (4 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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