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The Hideaway-Bandarawela Sri Lanka

Overview of The Hideaway-Bandarawela

Bandarawela, just 40 minutes from Haputale, has always been a hideaway to Sri Lankan’s in a true sense of the word. During the WWII this is where the empire building British retreated when faced with the might of the Empire of the Rising Sun, who came knocking on their back door. Today Bandarawela is much more of a laid back town of tea estates and vegetable famers. Welcome to the eco and trekking capital of Sri Lanka.

This picturesque little town reminds of everything in miniature, but with some of the greatest views all around. The British Tea Baron, Sir Thomas Lipton had his retreat here to enjoy over his spoils of this far flung corner of the empire and viewed his tea empire from the “Lipton’s seat”. The climate reminds you of Nuware Eliya though not so chilly and it doesn’t pour down whenever the sky feels like. Bandarawela is hailed as possessing one of the healthiest climates in the world, & nothing much has happened here to change that. For the better part of the year the climate remains the best for trekking with the wind cooling you down on your grueling walks as the terrain is rarely straight.

The Hideaway Bandarawela which consists of 08 rooms with terrific views, is snuggled against a mountain range with unrestricted views across the valley towards Badulla and the Namunukula range about 30 kilometers away. This little gem is “The hotel” for the honeymooners, writers and for people who want complete solitude from the hustle and bustle of city life, with only the sound of falling water to break the harmony of nature.

Accommodation of The Hideaway-Bandarawela

The 08 modern rooms are set in three different levels to ensure privacy and offer the best vistas of the valley below. All rooms come standard with modern en-suite with partial wooden floor in the bed room to keep the chill out at nights. Hot & cold water comes standard and has room service and telephone. Queen size beds with warm down comforters are great to snuggle in the night and keep you warm and cozy during the night.

A uniquely placed roof top terrace offer the best views in the crispy clear Bandarawela nights and the jeweled necklace of the milky-way stretches across the heavens at night. Little pin points of light far away will remind you gently how secluded you are and the chilly wind will whisper across your ears and lull you to a well earned sleep.

Deluxe:  Spacious rooms overlooking the great valley below, ideally suited for honeymooners as they are very cozy and intimate. A queen sized bed, a wardrobe, telephone, tea/coffee are offered standard along with a great down comforter for those very chilly Bandarawela nights. All rooms are provided with room service and en-suite bathroom with hot/cold running water.

Suites: Large airy rooms with two separate queen size beds along with telephone, tea/coffee, wardrobe space ideal for a small family on vacation. Aimed at the great space beyond the hotel, is serviced by room service, and en-suite is complete with running hot/cold water.

Dining of The Hideaway-Bandarawela

The chef would be glad to cook whatever you might want to have, of course the choice is yours to either be on pension basis or set menu. The food comes without the additives as in these parts of Sri Lanka, cooks love to show their prowess in whatever they cook rather than get outside help to do it.

This is the vegetable and tea country so best you enjoy both in their freshest form, though the hotel doesn’t grow any right now, it’s only a matter of time before you see the vegetable patches and flowers adorning the garden below.

In the area at The Hideaway-Bandarawela

  • Lipton’s Seat: (30 Minutes)
  • Dhowa temple: (30 minutes)
  • Adisham Hall: (30 minutes)
  • Ravana & Diyaluma Falls: (45 minutes)
  • Horton Plain’s: (full days trek)
  • Tea Estate & woods trail
  • Ella Gap: (30 Minutes)

Facts of The Hideaway-Bandarawela

City - Bandarawela

Category - Hill Country Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 200 Km (5.30 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 220 Km (6 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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