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Jungle Beach-Kuchchaveli-Trincomalee Sri Lanka

Overview of Jungle Beach-Kuchchaveli-Trincomalee

Overview of Jungle Beach-Kuchchaveli-Trincomalee

48 luxurious cabins of modern design, yet crafted from indigenous materials so as to appear to be of the jungle and fused in harmony with the natural surroundings, all offering spectacular views of the ocean or the lagoon.

Situated in the North East Province of Sri Lanka, Kuchchaveli is approximately 30mins drive north of the more developed, town of Trincomalee. The resort is approximately 214 km from the Bandaranaike International airport and 234 km from the capital Colombo.

Being a city of great significance in the North East Province, Trincomalee is easily accessible from Colombo, by road or by rail. If you are looking for a truly luxurious mode of transport, you can also fly in to the resort via helicopter or Sea Plane!

Accommodation at Jungle Beach-Kuchchaveli-Trincomalee

Nestled among virgin mangroves blending into its surrounding are 48 luxury cabins each elegantly decorated and equipped with modern amenities and facilities. They feature King size beds in a large airy room and spacious sitting area, high-end entertainment systems, with luxuriously appointed bathroom facilities and outdoor rain showers.

Activities & Experiences at Jungle Beach-Kuchchaveli-Trincomalee

Kuchchaveli is a small quiet village in a largely unexplored and undiscovered corner of Sri Lanka that is steeped in history.

Here you may choose to take a morning dip in the calmest of seas, snorkel amongst the colourful bustle of reef fish at rush hour, or venture further out to sea and rediscover the lost whales of the Indian Ocean.

Partake in age-old traditions and plunge into local culture.

If all this wildlife, culture, tradition and history overwhelms you , take a day off, step back into modernisation and enjoy a variety of water sports: including scuba diving, jet skiing and sailing!

In this part of the world, everything has a story- the options are wide varied and the experiences will last a lifetime.

Facilities at Jungle Beach-Kuchchaveli-Trincomalee

The resort also offers a Spa, Gym and an open-air restaurant with many elegant signature-dining options on open decks on the beach and in the trees. Located near the main swimming pool with glimpses of the ocean, the restaurant seats 70 guests and is open from 7.00am to 11.00pm, serving International and Sri Lankan favorites.

Complimentary Wi fi connectivity in your rooms and throughout the property, a fully equipped fitness centre to work off the calories, and a friendly team of ‘associates’ who are on call 24 hours a day will enhance your holiday experience.

Facts of Jungle Beach-Kuchchaveli-Trincomalee

City - Trincomalee

Category - Beach Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 234 Km (8 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 214 Km (7.30 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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