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Amagi Lagoon Sri Lanka

Overview of Amagi Lagoon

Amagi Lagoon is a luxury 4 star hotel located on a 2 acre land which borders the Negombo lagoon. It was built with the intention of providing an opportunity for guests to move into the lagoon & to experience new styles of recreation. Located just 3 km away from the country's main airport, it is one of the closest hotels to Katunayake and is ideal for guests who want quick access to the airport.

The hotel features 22 luxurious rooms and a restaurant, two bars, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, a modern spa and a banquet facility. The hotel is eco-friendly and does not disturb lagoon life.

Retreat into the seclusion and serenity of Amagi Lagoon, and treat yourself to the pampering that you deserve. Being the closest hotel to the country's main airport, Amagi Lagoon offers luxurious accommodations and warm service at a unique location with a relaxed, homely atmosphere. Enjoy breath-taking panoramic views of the Negombo lagoon and spectate stunning sunsets that tinge the skies with hues of russet and gold. Treat yourself to a plethora of seafood and exquisite local cuisine that have been expertly prepared by our chefs. Paradise awaits you at Amagi Lagoon, where you can embrace a tropical lifestyle.

Accommodation of Amagi Lagoon

Spacious and bright, Amagi Lagoon offers luxurious accommodations that welcome you with exquisite architecture, unique and inspiring design elements, modern amenities and stunning views of the Negombo Lagoon. Escape from the rest of the world and find your oasis in one of the hotel's 22 comfortable rooms, where each detail has been refined to suit you just right. Vibrant and soothing lagoon-themed interior designs have been carefully selected to reflect the tranquility of the surroundings, and a gracious blend of soft lagoon tones enhances the hotel rooms’ residential-style furnishings. 

Amagi Lagoon offers guests the ultimate sleep experience with the finest of mattresses from Slumberland, the supplier of beds to Royal households from 1940 to present. The resort also offers 350 thread count bed linen and 650 gsm bath linen, exclusively supplied by Celcius, to ensure an unprecedented level of restful comfort.

Enter your own tropical realm and bask in the ample comforts of your very own island home-away-from-home.


Surround yourself with comfort and absolute privacy in one of Amagi Lagoon's 20 spacious Standard Rooms. Brilliantly designed. Each Standard Room is perfectly integrated with the island's natural beauty, providing an incomparable location for relaxation and quietude. Laze the hours away in your charming hideaway with all the finest comforts and amenities at hand.


Step into your Superior Room and enter an idyllic seclusion, balanced by all the modern conveniences expected of a luxury resort. This is the ideal private enclave for those who yearn for tranquillity and wish to escape the pressures of daily life. Melding unstinting luxury with the mesmerising beauty of the surrounding environment, this private haven will make your stay truly remarkable.


Live like royalty at Amagi Lagoon's lavishly-designed Deluxe Room and experience gentle cosseting in a blissful environment. Relax and unwind in the rarefied sumptuousness of this magnificent room, which is capable of accommodating up to four people. If necessary, a fifth bed may also be added. Steeped in luxury and uniqueness, this spacious room offers an ambience of opulence, relaxation and absolute privacy.

Dining of Amagi Lagoon

Tantalize your palate as you explore the various dishes that our tempting menus have to offer. Amagi Lagoon offers a delectable assortment of local and international cuisine that will delight your palate and leave your taste buds tingling. Choose from extensive menus at the hotel's main restaurant - the Lagoon, or sip on your favourite drink at the restaurant's bar or at the uniquely located Tree House bar.


The hotel's main restaurant - the Lagoon, offers a vast selection of Sri Lankan and International cuisine to delight your taste buds. Savour your way through superb culinary creations and indulge your senses with mouthwatering dishes prepared by our expert chefs. This air-conditioned restaurant can accommodate up to 80 people and has a impressionable atmosphere and combines fine dining with excellent service. Lagoon offers stunning views of nature, allowing guests to absorb the beauty of their surroundings as they dine on delicious fare, all adding to an unforgettable dining experience.


The bar in the main restaurant, the Catamaran, is the perfect place for guests to kick back with a few friends and a glass of wine. Feel the troubles of the world melt away as you ease off in a gentle and relaxed atmosphere. An evening at the Catamaran is the perfect way to round off a great day at Amagi Lagoon.

The Tree House

In addition to the bar in the main restaurant, the Tree House is another comfortable area for guests to unwind and enjoy a drink. Nestled amidst canopies of cascading trees, this unique venue takes on the form of a tree house and can accommodate up to 20 people. Spend an insouciant evening relaxing at the Tree House.

Facts of Amagi Lagoon

City - Negombo

Category - Boutique Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 38 Km (1.15 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 8 Km (0.15 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on request

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