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Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Health Resort Sri Lanka

Overview of Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Health Resort

Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Health Resort - Provides Traditional Ayurvedic Therapy to Cleanse, Detoxify, and Rejuvenate Mind, Body and Soul to promote general Wellness for Health conscious clients using 100% Natural Ayurvedic treatments under the guidance of experienced Ayurvedic Doctors.

Attractive & many amusements await the kids. Paddle boating on the waterway, an island for treasure hunts & merry-making beside a well protected kiddies swimming pool. 

Accommodation of Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Health Resort

Yoga & Meditation Centre-Right concentration leading to one's pointedness of the mind is one of the main concepts for mental harmony. Purification of thought leads to mental harmony - the elixir for good health. To achieve this, the Resort conducts sections in Yoga & Mediation by trained professionals.

Open-air Theatre-The Arena set apart for the display of Sri Lankan Cultural Pagents, in addition to the display of talents of Guests. Performance of Guests in this sphere will be highly appreciated, since it will enrich and enliven our knowledge.    


  • Pingoda Gedara
  • Gal Lena
  • Samanala Sevana 
  • Balakotuwa
  • Koon Sewana
  • Kubuk Sevana
  • Indigodawatta Gedara
  • Walawwa 
  • Chandra Vasa
  • Ath Demata Sevana
  • Thun Mahal Prasadya
  • Nimba Sevana
  • Gammalu Sevana
  • Pihimbiya Sevana
  • Domba Sevana 
  • Mayura Villa

Ayurveda Centre-The Center provides Ayurvedic Therapies - holistic health care system - a pre-requisite for human well-being - Ayurvedic Massages, Ayurvedic Steam Baths, Sauna, Ayurvedic Medication, Ayurvedic Oil treatment which form part of a well designed rejuvenation and detoxification program administered by a team of eminent Scholars and Specialists. who descend from four generations of reputed Ayurveda scholars.

Swimming Pool-Our Chalets are so built around a Swimming Pool which is easily accessible from any point. We ensure that the water is pure and clean at all times. A unique feature of this Swimming Pool is the Water Fall that supplies water to the Pool. The system is such that the water is purified throughout the day and night. Right beside the Pool, we have a Bar - so that Pool users to not have to dress up and go into the Hotel to get a drink. They can have their drinks right there, while remaining in the Pool.

Activities Available in Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Health Resort -Wadduwa

  • Ayurveda, Panchakarma & Wellness
  • Yoga

Dining of Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Health Resort

Our restaurant offers a variety of food. Guests can have the traditional Sri Lankan food Chinese, Indian, or Western food, according to their personal preferences.

Vegetable is bought straight from the Farmer and the Sea food - fish, prawn, crabs, lobster etc - are fresh from the sea. Our Chef and his staff have wide experience in the preparation of food and are professionally qualified to offer Guests a daily Menu in keeping with the aims of the Health Center and at the same time providing Guests the best food that any hotel in the Island offers.

-Bar and Pool Bar-The outlet for natural fruit and Ayurvedic drinks in addition to coconut arrack, beer and cocktails, to keep your taste & spirits in good trim

Facts of Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Health Resort

City - Wadduwa

Category - Ayurveda Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 30 Km (1 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 60 Km (2 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates On Request

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