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Sinharaja Seyana Eco Lodge Sri Lanka

Overview of Sinharaja Seyana Eco Lodge

“Sinharaja Forest” being a “World Heritage” site offers a variety of beautiful creations of mother nature within the well balanced and preserved “eco system” cool springs, winding rivers, cascading water falls, thick forest inherited by endemic fauna and flora adds beauty and tranquility to the visitor, no visitor will leave “Sinharaja” without falling in love with this nature wonder.

Accommodation of Sinharaja Seyana Eco Lodge

We provide safe, comfortable and environment friendly accommodation to feel the solace of the tropical rainforest at Sinharaja Seyana ECO Lodge.

Chalets are constructed with specially selected clay/cement mixture and all furniture are crafted locally to maintain the natural environment & comforts.

4 twin room chalets with twin beds each  provides comfort and privacy. Chalets are made with private dinning corners surrounded by lush greenery to enjoy meals in a  natural environment. We are ready to serve you specially selected rare local dishes & fruits to suit your taste buds. We offer vegetarian dishes if you wish.

Dining of Sinharaja Seyana Eco Lodge

About Sinharaja Rainforest

The dense, dark and wet Sinharaja rainforest is steeped in deep legend and mystery. The word Sinharaja means, lion (Sinha) king (Raja).

At present, the Sinharaja Reserve covers an area of 8,800 hectares of nature and modified forests. The Reserve lies in the south-west of the island at 60 21' - 60 26' N. and 800 21' - 800 34' E. It measure 21 kilometers in length, and if 7 kilometers in width at its widest point and 3 kilometers at its narrowest. It consists of approximately 6,091 hectares (15,054 acres) of Forest Reserves and 2,773 hectares (6,850 acres) of Proposed Reserves.

There are many villages around the forest and locals are permitted to enter the area to tap palms to make jaggary. (a hard brown sweet made from the sap of the Kitul tree).

The Sinharaja rainforest is now a World Heritage Reserve and famous for a wide variety of plant and animal life that are endemic to Sri Lanka as well as a variety of shrubs and medicinal herbs. The Bata Na, which is found in the middle ranges of the forest, has unique flush, deep red and dropping leaves.

Small streams found within the forest contain crystal clear cool water and one can watch fish, toads and crabs and you can take a dip to freshen yourself for the next experience. Another characteristic feature of Sinharaja is the wide variety of birds, flowers, plants and fish.

During the south west monsoon season you can experience the tropical monsoon in the forest which will be an unforgettable experience.

Endemic Species

The highest faunal endemicity of the country is found in the Sinharaja. Out of 12 endemic mammal species of the country 8 are found here. Giant squirrel, dusky-stripped jungle squirrel and endemic purple-faced leaf monkey and torque macaque are frequently seen.

Almost 95% of the countries endemic birds (about 19 species) are found here including rare Red-faced Malkoha, Green-billed Caucal, Blue Magpie and Sri Lanka Spur fowl. Diversity among the reptiles and Amphibians are remarkably high. The endemic green pit viper, endemic hump nosed lizard (Lyriocephalus scutatus) and horned lizard (Ceratophora aspera) are common here. Small tributaries and rivers of the forest support the fish such as striped rasbora, walking catfish, gal pandiya(doctor fish), Bulath hapaya and endemic comb tail.

Facts of Sinharaja Seyana Eco Lodge

City - Sinharaja Rain Forest

Category - Adventure and Wildlife Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 160 Km (3.30 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 190 Km (4.15 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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