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Alkin Adventure Resort - Dambulla Sri Lanka

Overview of Alkin Adventure Resort - Dambulla

In true Eco terms, man's instruction in their wonderful natural environment has been graciously accepted by both flora and fauna.Alkin Adventure Resort offer guests the opportunity to get real experience with nature and adventure in an eco friendly accomodation facility. It is coupled with superior quality of Sri Lankan hospitality and fine cusine. Guests can enjoy the spectacular scenery of lush green mountains, wilderness, lakes,water streams near the banks of the magnificent Kandalama tank. 

Accommodation of Alkin Adventure Resort - Dambulla

Eco friendly accommodation in 7 different cottages made up with natural raw material of Clay, Timber, Straw cadjan, etc.

Cottage No.1 – Thammannawa

    * Open verandah, Living Room,a  bed room , another bedroom with half walls

    * Ideal for a family accommodation or group accommodation for 6 people

    * Separate Bathroom

    * Open shower

    * Additional bed can be provided on request

Cottage No.2 – Thammannawa 2

    * Open verandah

    * Attached bathroom with shower

    * A bed room

    * Additional bed can be provided on request

Cottage No.3

    * Living Room

    * 2 bed rooms

    * Common bathroom

    * Additional bed can be provided on request

Cottage No.5

    * A large hall typed cottage with 2 beds

    * Ideal for family / group accommodation – 5/6 people

    * Open Shower

    * Bathroom

    * Additional bed can be provided on request

Cottage No.6 – Piyassa

    * Surrounded by paddy field and overlooking the mountain range of “Sleeping Soldier”

    * Living Room

    * One bedroom with attached bathroom

    * Ideal for a couple or small family

    * 3 people can be accommodated

    * Additional bed can be provided on request

Cottage No.7 – Tree House

    * Surrounded by paddy field and overlooking the mountain range of “Sleeping Soldier”

    * Separate tree house with a bed

    * A bedroom

    * Living room

    * 7/8 people can be accommodated

    * Open typed outside bathroom with shower

Cottage No.8

    * Far away  from other cottages and absolute privacy

    * Bordering the jungle

    * Tiled floor

    * attached bathroom

    * 2 beds – 5 people can be accommodated

    * Open verandah

Camping Site (camping tents )

        * Number of tents can be provided and placed on customer request

        * Safe and insect free

        * Common toilet for tent users

Activities at Alkin Adventure Resort - Dambulla

Alkin Resorts  in Kandalama – Dambulla  is host to continual entertaining activities. Our theme is adventure packed entertainment, and the excitement begins right from the time you set your foot in. We can offer you number of interesting activities from fishing, boating, rock climbing, nature walks and the like.

Jungle Trekking

Surrounded by vast rainforest nearby, there are many jungle treks around the resort. We provide guided trekking in the jungles which are hilly and mountainous. Discover nature in diversity with the many flora and fauna of the tropical jungles. You may chance upon some birds, insects and wild animals like Elephants, deer, monkeys, wild boars and rarely leopards and bears,etc.

Nature watch

Steep cliffs, mountainous terrain, gurgling streams, thick forests and narrows winding paths that lead to the far beyond. Nothing better to bring you closer to nature.We have many trekking paths for you to explore nature or you can do your own nature watching by a motorcycle , by a 4WD vehicle or just walking around.

Rock Climbing 

Challenging steeps for the trained climber and winding obstacles for the beginners.

The hills of the surrounding have them all for rock climbing enthusiasts.

Watching of birds and Butterflies

If you love Bird Watching and butterflies, you have come to the right place. The area is abounds with birds of many species. It is an ideal place to watch and study the habits of birds.In some places when you go nearer , hundreds of butterflies will fly over frightened by you.


Are you a wild life enthusiast? You will not be disappointed at Alkin Resorts. You have come close to nature. So try to explore for wild elephants, deer, fox, giant squirrels, deer, bear, leopards and many more…


There are 3 lakes where you can go boating. One is a man made lake which is picturesque and adventurous like a natural one.

Fun 'n Games 

There are many sports and fun activities you can have at the resort itself. You can play Cricket, Badminton, Vollybal or even Football


There are many places where you can do fishing in peace , with no one to bother you. The lakes and streams are teeming with many species of tasty lake fish. Come try your hand at it. Our cook can transform your catch into sumptuous dishes or you can enjoy a BBQ of your own catch.

Activities Available in Alkin Adventure Resort - Dambulla

  • Agro Tourism
  • Bird Watching
  • Fishing
  • Hiking & Trekking
  • Nature Trails and countryside walking
  • Photography and Filming
  • Rock Climbing


Dining of Alkin Adventure Resort - Dambulla

The restaurant

There is an eco typed open restaurant for enjoy your " dining with nature."


The food and drinks which emerge from our kitchen are all prepared daily with fresh, often home-grown, indigenous products and raw materials. There is an experienced cook for a wide range of chinese,western and Sri Lankan menus and also a old lady of a village is there specially for preparing traditional Sri lankan rural food.

Camping facility with Bonfire

Safe camping sites located within the jungle area. Camping fires (bonfire) are lit up at night to make you warm and also to brighten up the night while you sing songs and enjoy yourself. You can also enjoy your meals sitting around the campfire.We can arrange a music group for your entertainment.


We have an experienced staff in handing BBQ nights.Special BBQ with lake fish is available on request.


We can arrange Bicycles, Motorcycles ( off road ) , 4 WD Jeeps and Double Cabs , Cars, Vans, Micros and coaches for your tour / safari.

Tours and Excursions

We can arrange you jungle safari, night safari, excursions to nearby attractions and also the round tours with experienced guides.

Facts of Alkin Adventure Resort - Dambulla

City - Dambulla

Category - Adventure and Wildlife Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 150 Km (4 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 180 Km (4.45 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates On Request

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