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Thotalagala Luxury Boutique Hotel Sri Lanka

Overview of Thotalagala Luxury Boutique Hotel

Remember days gone by where life unfolded in calm unhurried layers, and cares were few and far between? When there was time to stop and listen to a bird in song or watch the rain turn the land a rich velvety-green? Well, we know a place where life still feels enchanted, time stands a little still, and nature is at her sweetest as you make friends with the shy barking deer, mongoose, porcupine, and rabbits.

The Thotalagala Hotel lies nestled amidst lush tea gardens and stands 4,500 feet above sea level in Sri Lanka's central highlands. The enchantment starts when your senses come alive with the unbelievably crisp cool mountain air scented with Eucalyptus and cypress. As you turn your head to the heavens, you'll see a horizon dotted with the silhouette of delicate clouds as they become one with majestic mountain tops. Want more?

Let's walk inside. The 100-year old Scottish planter's Boutique Hotel – in close proximity to the colonial-style home of Sir Thomas Lipton's Tea Garden, the tea magnate whose name is immortalized in Lipton's Tea – will wrap you in its quiet familiarity and warmth from the moment you walk in. A cozy sitting room hints at long conversations, quiet contemplation and hours lost in the pages of a book, and a little further, the bedrooms peep back at you with promises of soothing lullabies and restful solitude. Already the mind feels lighter and the senses, alive; let the magic begin.

Accommodation of Thotalagala Luxury Boutique Hotel

The Thotalagala Hotel's seven spacious bedrooms are decorated in warm and soft hues, enveloping you in a soothing sense of familiarity and belongingness. The Thotalagala Hotel can accommodate up to 14 guests, making it an ideal holiday for family and friends travelling together.

All meals are served a la carte. Breakfast, snacks and the bungalow's famous barbeque spread can be served in the front lawn amidst a riot of flowers and magnificent views across the south eastern plains.Dining can be arranged to 14 Guests.


The following facilities are available for the Thotalagala Hotel
  • Cozy sitting room with fireplace
  • Smoking room with fireplace, teak-paneled walls and hardwood floors - ideal to unwind in before and after dinner
  • Dining for 10
  • Swimming Pool

Facts of Thotalagala Luxury Boutique Hotel

City - Haputale

Category - Hill Country Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 170 Km (5 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 195 Km (5.30 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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