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Galapita Eco Retreat-Buttala Sri Lanka

Overview of Galapita Eco Retreat-Buttala

The menu is native style and all meals are completely freshly made, vegetarian and village based Sri Lankan food.

Typically breakfast is served 7.30am - 8am before or after a morning walk

Lunch is served early afternoon about 1.30pm and Dinner: between 8.00 - 9.00 pm. 

It\'s all flexible and depending on walking tours and adapted according to the individual preferences of the guests. 

Meals are served in the thatched mud-hut restaurant and this is also a central place where you can spend your time enjoying the jungle views and socialize with other guests as well as the staff team. 

The lodge is small in operation providing a service for few guests only. All food is prepared from fresh ingredients and there is a set menu is available. Meals are \'negotiable\'. Feel free to tell us how…

Near the pilgrimage site of Kataragama, close to Yala game park in Sri Lanka\'s south-east lies Galapita Eco Retreat, on the banks of the Gem River. What began as an idealistic rural retreat for friends and family is now the ultimate escapist retreat for a small selection of independent travellers. Life can hardly be more natural than this.

Across Galapita bridge, your world may change. Your bedroom on stilts will be one of four huts perched on the rocks by the river. It will have a straw roof, bamboo walls, a futon bed, mosquito nets and a little driftwood furniture, nothing much else. It might be the Tree House that peers over paddy fields. Galapita is one of the island\'s best hideaways, a property blessed with a stunningly beautiful location and a relaxed atmosphere. If you need to unwind and recharge away from the stresses of modern world then this is the place for you. Families, too, will love Galapita because the surrounding countryside will keep children enthralled for hours. However, children aged under eight should be watched carefullt because of the river.


Perched on the rocks beside the river are the four clay pavilions, open to the elements.  They have one wall and three open sides but are raised off the ground with 1ft walls to keep away unwanted visitors.  Rattan mats underfoot, ochre hues behind muralsof flowers and you have the choice of double beds, hammocks or cushioned floors.   Mosquito nets are provided but airflow is natural.

Straw roofs and driftwood doubling as furniture combine nature with comfort.  Spaced out to offer visual privacy but not the sounds of fellow travellers – snorers and noisy lovers beware.Shared bathrooms are a short distance away, featuring Western toilets, mirrored vanity units and private cold water shower rooms.  Swimmers may opt to shower under the many open and pumped tree showers.

Walk around the purple carpeted lily pond and cross the small bridge to the Tree House.  Climb 15ft to the wooden platform where cushions and rattan flooring are the only home comforts. Far away from Galapita life and bathroom conveniences, you might just brave it out one night and enjoy a birds-eye view of this wilderness at night – a myriad of stars twinkling above and owls hooting around you.


Galapita grow their own rice, vegetables and culinary herbs using organic methods.  The fish and seasonal prawns come from the surrounding rivers and east coast.  Meat eaters will not be disappointed as the flavours are awesome and Dhal provides plenty of protein.  They serve a diverse array of Sri Lankan delicacies cooked using traditional cooking methods.  The kitchen is open plan, for all to learn, featuring clay pots on wooden fires.

There is plentiful fruit and local buffalo curd and treacle (rather like Greek yoghurt).

Breakfast and lunch are more of the same really.  Rotti  (like pitta bread) and Dhal is a delicious breakfast.

Alcohol will need to be planned in advance.  Local ‘Arrack’ is easily sourced but you might want to source some Coca Cola/Sprite to soften the taste.  Galapita has no fridges. 

Facts of Galapita Eco Retreat-Buttala

City - Buttala

Category - Ayurveda Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 290 Km (6.30 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 270 Km (6 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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