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Dickoya Tea Estate Bungalow Sri Lanka

Overview of Dickoya Tea Estate Bungalow

Originally owned by the Scottish Ceylon Tea Company Ltd, Dickoya estate was one of the earliest plantations in the hill country.  With mist embraced mountains and lush green valleys, sparkling against a clear blue sky it was the upcountry paradise of choice.

Today, rows of tea pluckers draped in myriad colours still dot the hillsides as they pick out the freshest buds and the estate continues to produce some of the world’s finest teas as it did back then.

Set deep in the heart of Sri Lanka’s prime tea country in the hills of Hatton, the Dickoya Bungalow stands proud, an enchanting reminder of a colonial era. Boasting an illustrious past, it was built in the early 1900’s as a planter’s residence reigning over the slopes of Dickoya Estate. Now, a serene and relaxing haven, you too can experience its welcoming charms.

Accommodation of Dickoya Tea Estate Bungalow

The Bungalow

Set high on a hill, the sprawling bungalow is furnished with quiet comfort in mind.  Four large bedrooms lavishly furnished in colonial style take you back to the luxuries of yesterday but with all the 21st century facilities you can ask for.

There is spacious dining room where meals are served, a cozy living room to relax in and an entertainment room with TV, Video and board games too.

The Garden at Dickoya Tea Estate Bungalow

Spread out over acres of land, the expansive garden offers a beautiful vista into the valley below and the rolling slopes of the tea estates that surround the bungalow.

The ancient groves of giant bamboo contrasts wildly but perfectly with the intricately landscaped look of an English country garden.  There are plenty of scenic spots to pick for an alfresco meal, a quiet read or just a few hours of solitary contemplation with just the birds and the view for company.

Facts of Dickoya Tea Estate Bungalow

City - Hatton

Category - Tea Plantation Bungalows

Distance from Colombo - 110 Km (3 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 145 Km (3.45 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on request

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