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Mangrove Beach Cabanas-Tangalle Sri Lanka

Overview of Mangrove Beach Cabanas-Tangalle

Mangrove Beach Cabanas is an eco-experience for people who want to get back to nature. The beach side cabanas feature tree trunk beds and rustic decor. It really is probably unlike any hotel or resort that you have ever stayed before. A fantastic way to experience the beauty of the warm Indian Ocean, a million miles away from office life and the constraints of modern life. The ultimate oneness with nature!

The idea of mangrove beach cabanas is to forget about modern life, the cabanas only have the basic amenities, a private toilet, and a beautiful bed. You can enjoy a massage in your room, or a ancient Ayurveda treatment. You will feel your senses come alive, as nature takes you on a journey beyond imagination.

Accommodation of Mangrove Beach Cabanas-Tangalle

There are 6 cabanas & 3 chalets. They are large and extremely attractive. The cabanas are furnished with timber double beds fitted with mosquito netting and have overhead fans. There is a private sit out facing the beautiful secluded beach. They are ideal for Single or double occupancy, and therefore perfect for those solo, couples or when with a friend.

Green Actions

Our Policy on plastics

We discourage the use of plastics on our premises; we do provide bio-degradable bags which could be re-used many times at a nominal cost of Rs 50.  We only use glass water bottles in our restaurant, since plastic bottles are hazardous to sea turtles,We think that everybody who is concerned about our environment should be glad about the huge step we have taken in protecting our environment.

Help to offset carbon emissions

Air travel contributes to the increase of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere. We have adopted a practice to reflect this global concern. For every traveler who stays with us, we put away 1 $ towards our conservation efforts. So far we have planted 234 coconut trees, 148 mangrove plants & a countless number of other small plants.

Trees can provide many life-giving supports in third-world countries, and can help the whole planet by absorbing some of the carbon dioxide that is responsible for about 50% of the "greenhouse effect" and the threat of global warming. A single tree can be a sustainable source of fuel, food, animal fodder, and timber and at the same time absorb 20 to 50 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. We should make sure there are plenty of trees around to offset this environmental damage.

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Someday we won't need a special day to remind us to take care of the Earth. In the meantime, we can work towards a world more caring of the natural environment by being aware of our impact and choosing a small change to make in our lives. A time to walk instead of drive, a switch to a renewable-energy electricity source, a willingness to look into the reasons behind a low-cost vacation package, a choice based on concern for the true cost of a purchase - these are ways to celebrate the planet that sustains us.

Activities Available in Mangrove Beach Cabanas-Tangalle

  • Fishing
  • Turtle Watching
  • Wildlife Safaris

Dining of Mangrove Beach Cabanas-Tangalle

Open-air restaurant with view of the open sea, serving International and Sri Lankan cuisine.

Philosophy of our Restaurant.

We don’t strictly work with a menu because we work only with fresh products, we buy most of the fish that we cook from the fishermen who passes by us every day, so we don’t know “what the sea decides to give us”. In the restaurant we have only  eight tables and a little kitchen to give our guest a great tasting dish with simple and natural ingredients  most of which is grown in our garden.

Beach Mangrove Beach Cabanas

The water in front on this quaint location is turquoise blue and only sand. You can get lost walking in the tranquil beauty of this paradise or swim to your hearts content in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. This powdery golden sand is silky smooth, and it is the best for your swimming and walking enjoyment.

Adventure at Mangrove Beach Cabanas

After all that pampering by nature you could get into the adventure mood and release some extra energy in you !!!

Here are some great things you could do !!

  • Watch sea turtles come ashore and lay eggs "sometimes right in front of our restaurant"
  • Go on a fishing trip
  • Go on a ferry ride along the lagoon where you could spot numerous species of water birds along the mangroves
  • Visit the blow hole
  • Visit Mulkirigala "Ancient rock Temple"
  • Take a wildlife safari at the Yala National Park.

The best trip is an unplanned trip, so you tell us what you have in mind and will work the magic…

Facts of Mangrove Beach Cabanas-Tangalle

City - Tangalle

Category - Beach Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 195 Km (5 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 225 Km (5.45 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates On Request

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