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Araliya House - Kalamatiya Sri Lanka

Overview of Araliya House - Kalamatiya

Araliya House is a quiet idyllic hideaway for those seeking to escape the daily grind. It is a place for those who appreciate the outdoors or for just wallowing in the simple charms of rural Sri Lanka. Simplicity is its signature, laced with a few comforts that make “just being” there a pleasure. It is unspoilt, informal and very relaxing and soon grows on you to become a home away from home.

Located away from the main Matara – Hambantota highway just off the village of Hungama, Frangipani Lodge lies adjoining the Kalametiya wetland bird sanctuary and is a bird watcher’s paradise. The place is all about preserving the environment and letting the rich abundance of both migratory and indigenous birds have their way.

While bird lovers will revel in the enormous avian diversity the Kalametiya Sanctuary supports, the place is also a tantalizing magnate for anglers, offering them a chance to pit their wits against an array of game fish such as Kelawalla (Tuna), Paraw (Travally), Thora (Spanish Mackerel), Thalapath (Sailfish) and Kossa (Grouper). From here you can also easily explore places like Bundala, Udawalawe, Ussangoda and Ridiyagama.

Our caretaker will welcome you on your arrival and make sure you are well fed with simple and honest village food, home cooked by his Mum.

Sri Lanka’s glorious and resplendent south beckons and Araliya House provides an excellent base to explore its stunning beauty and diversity. Here you have the ideal place to spend quality time with your family or share a great weekend with friends. Try it out and you will yearn to return for more.

Accommodation of Araliya House - Kalamatiya

Araliya House is a long airy building sited on four acres of land adjoining the Kalametiya bird sanctuary. It consists of three cozy bedrooms, each with a queen sized double bed. One has an attached shower plus toilet while the other two rooms have a shared, separate toilet and shower. There is also an out door shower. The rooms are themed on the birds commonly found in our compound, namely Peacock, Forest owl, and Oriole and are decorated accordingly.

A long verandah runs the length of the house. This is where friends and family gather to chat, laugh and share stories. It also used to sleep in when room-space is inadequate and a futon is available for such occasions. Maximum occupancy is limited to 10 adults, or a total of 12 people including all children. However, additional bedding will need to be brought in when numbers exceed 8.

The Facilities

Araliya House was built as a private holiday retreat for its owners, their friends and those who value simple living, privacy and nature. It is therefore first and foremost a home that also tries to capture the feeling of being close to nature.


 Araliya House is special and we want you to enjoy your experiences there as much as we have. But when you do, please be mindful to leave the lodge and its surroundings as you found them. Please also keep the peace of the place intact for others to enjoy after you.


Power is supplied from a low noise generator to run fans and lights. However, this supply is inadequate to run a refrigerator full time. Crushed ice for iceboxes is readily available in the area and our caretaker will provide you with some if you require it.

Linen and utensils 

 All linen, crockery and cutlery is provided.

Activities Available in Araliya House - kalamatiya

  • Bird Watching
  • Fishing
  • Photography and Filming
  • Turtle Watching

Dining of Araliya House - Kalamatiya

Araliya House has basic self-catering facilities. However we encourage guests to obtain meals from the lodge, using the kitchen facilities for preparing “specials” and beverages. The caretaker’s Mum, who prepares them in her home, provides our meals. These honest, wholesome village meals are infused with the great taste of rural Sri Lankan cooking done on a fire wood stove, the likes of which you will never experience in the city. Try them. You will not regret it!!


 Provisions, fuel and basic medicines are readily available at the Hungama bazaar. Additionally, an early morning visit to the beach, when the fishing boats return, is always an experience and will enable you to obtain your stocks of fresh fish, crabs and lobsters. Our caretaker will assist you in obtaining your goods as required.


 An open air BBQ spit is built at the lodge. It’s a great way to spend a moonlight night, out in the open air with the sounds of the night in the background.

Facts of Araliya House - Kalamatiya

City - Kalamatiya

Category - Beach Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 214 Km (5.45 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 244 Km (6.30 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on request

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