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Robin hill-Weligama Sri Lanka

Overview of Robin hill-Weligama

Robin Hill, a splendid Dutch-style colonial house (walauwa) in the coastal village of Weligama, 146 km (91 miles) south of Colombo.  Built more than a century ago, it has been beautifully restored with modern additions which blend effortlessly with the old, retaining and complementing all its original charm.

From the entrance hall with a walled-in garden at one end, you can access the dining room on the left, walk through to the courtyard, or climb the curved staircase up to the old loft.

The house offers a variety of accommodation possibilities.  There are two large suites, each with attached bathrooms.  One has two interconnected bedrooms with extra large beds, and an enclosed but open air attached shower.  The other is more intimate and features a four-poster bed, Dutch-style cabinet and colonial Portuguese almairah (large wardrobe), as well as an interior bathroom enhanced with traditional craftsmanship.  Suites are decorated with fresh cut flowers from its’ own plantations and designed to accommodate all tastes. Both suites open directly onto the courtyard.

The courtyard is a peaceful garden of scented Araliya trees open to the skies with a covered walkway and seating area on all four sides.  It is the ideal place to relax at any time of the day.  This is the centre of the property with direct access to almost all its facilities, including the two-storey annex built in traditional style.  This combines the best features of a studio flat, music room, library, and spacious sitting room with high ceiling.  The house  is simply furnished  in keeping with the elegance of the property where the minimalist design blends a simple tropical aesthetic with modernist comfort.

Beyond the courtyard, there is the outside garden with a wide range of tropical plants visited by many species of birds, butterflies and reptiles.

Robin Hill offers tranquility and privacy yet is only moments away from the sights and sounds of the village life.

Meals, mainly organic are prepared on traditional cinnamon firewood stoves by our family cook.

When you look for where to stay in Sri Lanka in Weligama, hotel, beach villa, bungalow or accommodation Robin Hill is the ideal place and it has all of them in one place in style. Exquisite Sri Lankan food, homely atmosphere and simple luxury without being overly indulgent provide the perfect ingredients for a relaxing and memorable holiday.

Robin Hill is very close to Weligama town center and walking distance to railway station, central bus station, post office, many banks, Koggala domestic airport and shops from gems to clothing.

Robin Hill  is affiliated with agro and eco tourism in the hills of Haputale and suburbs of Galle. You are welcome to stay in its’ rock cottages and experience day today agriculture, forestry, nature, wild and adventure.

Accommodation of Robin hill-Weligama

Robin Hill is a beautiful romantic place for an intimate dream wedding or honeymoon. Experience an unforgettable wedding with colourful traditional Sri Lankan marriage ceremony performed on a decorative platform (Poruwa) in an exotic ceremonial attire of ancient Sri Lankan royalty to low country at blessings of traditional wedding songs sung by a chorus of maidens. Be entertained with dancers, beating drums to elephant rides on the beach to bullock cart ride in the village.

Activities Available in Robin hill-Weligama

  • Cycling and Mountain Biking
  • Diving & Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Photography and Filming
  • Surfing
  • Water Skiing
  • Windsurfing


Dining of Robin hill-Weligama

Food is prepared by family members who have mastered the art of traditional    Sri Lankan cooking.  They are adept at adjusting the level of spices to suit the taste of visitors.  And they can also offer a wide range of western dishes for those who occasionally feel like trying something more familiar.  Their expertise is what makes the Robin Hill cuisine so special.

Our food is mainly organic, coming from our own farmlands or from other organic farms in the neighbourhood.  Fresh seafood is brought straight from the fisherman’s catch.  All food is cooked over a cinnamon wood fire in a traditional way.

For breakfast, we offer everything from traditional Sri Lankan string hoppers with curry to fresh fruit salad with toast and jam to bacon and eggs.  At Robin Hill you ask for what you want and you get it.

The traditional Sri Lankan lunch / dinner are known as “rice and curry” which, to someone visiting the country for the first time, may sound rather dull – as if the cook hadn’t even decided what curry to make.  But the reality is very different!  Rice and curry typically consists of rice and pappadums, at least three vegetable dishes, and a selection of meat and fish curries.  Alternative choices are always available for lunch and dinner.  We also do packed lunches of sandwiches with fruit and a refreshing drink for those who don’t want to return at lunchtime.

There are no meal-time restrictions of any kind.  You eat what you want, when you want, and where you want (dining room, courtyard, or in your own room.  At Robin Hill, all the choices are for you to make.

Facts of Robin hill-Weligama

City - Weligama

Category - Inland Villas and Mansions

Distance from Colombo - 146 Km (3.45 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 175Km (4.30 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates On Request

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