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Turtle Point Lodge - Kalpitiya Sri Lanka

Overview of Turtle Point Lodge - Kalpitiya

Amenities and what to bring

Guests at Turtle Point enjoy the basic necessities but few luxuries – apart, of course, from the gorgeous location and the fascinating marine environment. The cottage has electricity with fans; First-time visitors are advised to arrive no later than 1700 to familiarize themselves with the approach of the two-acre (1 Ha.) property before nightfall.

Turtle Point cottage is brick-built with a sheet roof, sound in all weathers. It sleeps eight guests in three large bedrooms furnished with three single beds apiece and a smaller room with a double bed. All rooms have attached bathrooms with shower, commode, bidet and washbasin. 

Kuveniya the new wattle & daub style two bed room family cottage can accommodate 2 adults and up to three children.

Amenities include a barbecue pit and three polystyrene coolers for storing food and drink.

Bed linen is provided. Please bring your own towels and toiletries. Other essentials are a reliable flashlight or two, sunglasses (think bright sun, glittering water and shiny white sand), headgear and sunscreen. Mosquitoes are not a big problem but you may feel more comfortable bringing along a pack of coils and some repellent. Snorkelling gear is highly recommended; there is none available for hire locally. 

Catering, supplies and service

Guests must provide their own supplies. Sarath the caretaker and his family will cook for and generally look after you – they are very obliging, but don’t expect five-star service! Cuisine is entirely Sri Lankan, but the cook is under instructions to limit the use of spices and salt to suit foreign palates. If you wish to enjoy the full fiery impact of Sri Lankan cooking, or have any other special cooking instructions, just let Sarath know and he will be happy to oblige you! 

Many supplies can be obtained locally. Fresh-caught fish is available every day but Sunday at Kandakkuliya, where the cottage is situated. The village also features a small bakery and grocer’s shop (with very limited range of stock).

Delicious, fresh-caught crabs and prawns can be bought at the collection centre passing the 25km post along the Kalpitiya road opposite the wine stores on the lagoon side, or passing the 27km post on your left with fishing boats parked on the opposite side. Fresh and dried fish, as well as seafood, rice, dhal, etc., are also available in Kalpitiya town, even on Sundays. 

Processed foods and the necessities of a westernized lifestyle are not so easy to find. The nearest supermarket is Cargill’s Food City in Chilaw, 80km from Turtle Point. It is open from 0800 to 2200 seven days a week.

The most important thing to remember is to plan your menu in advance, budgeting sufficient quantities for the whole party. This will save a lot of time and trouble when you are actually at the cottage and leave you free to enjoy the experience of Turtle Point.

If you plan to use the BBQ, don’t forget to bring briquettes, aluminium foil, etc.

Water from the well on the property is safe to drink but tastes quite brackish (remember, we have the sea on one side of us and a lagoon on the other). It’s best to bring your own drinking water. Allow a minimum of 2-21/2 litres per person per day – sunshine and salt make you thirsty!

Sri Lankan beer is available at Kalpitiya (though not, of course, on full moon and other ‘dry’ days) but you are best advised to bring any other alcoholic beverages with you.

Keeping things cool

There is a fairly large Refrigerator at Turtle point where you could store your food items during your stay.


Security at Turtle Point is excellent. However, you are advised not to carry jewellery and other expensive, easily portable items and to lock your room whenever you leave it. Any loss should be brought to the notice of the proprietor without delay.

Hint: Tag all keys to a length of cord – if you drop them on the beach, they’re less likely to get lost in the sand and are more easily spotted.

Facts of Turtle Point Lodge - Kalpitiya

City - Kalpitiya

Category - Holiday Bungalows for locals

Distance from Colombo - 160 Km (5 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 130 Km (4.15 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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