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Ceylon Tea Bungalow Sri Lanka

Overview of Ceylon Tea Bungalow

At Ceylon Tea Bungalows – Bandarawela, this tradition is lovingly continued with Appu and his team delivering a choice of Sri Lankan Rice And Curry or Western ‘Courses’ meals (comprising soups. meat and English vegetables) that were especially made to suit the appetites of English planters and their families.

Accommodation of Ceylon Tea Bungalow

Ceylon Tea Bungalows features a collection of 5 rooms and suites that uniquely combine colonial flavour and ambience with chic, modern designer elements.

The once extensive grasslands or ‘patanas’ around Bandarawela and Diyatalawa coupled with low rounded hills were very reminiscent of the English Lake District, and many tea estates in the area, just like our rooms, were named with reference to beautiful towns and lakes back in the ‘home country’.

Facts of Ceylon Tea Bungalow

City - Bandarawela

Category - Tea Plantation Bungalows

Distance from Colombo - 5 h 43 min (205 km)

Distance from Airport - 5 h 48 min (229 km)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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