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Craig Appin Bungalow Sri Lanka

Overview of Craig Appin Bungalow

It surrounds you: the sights, the sounds, and the aroma. The undulating expanses of green dominate the vista, and stretch far into the distant misty mountains. This is the heart of the tea country, and there’s no better place to experience its story than here at Mandira Bungalows in Hatton, Sri Lanka. In the early 19th century, the persevering planters experimented with tea when their efforts with coffee ground to a halt. The combination of elevation and climate proved perfect and the rest is history. Choosing the most scenic spots they made their homes – cosy sanctuaries to escape to and indulge in little luxuries. Like the world famous Ceylon Tea, their legacy remains in the plantation bungalows of old. With Mandira you too can revisit those glory days of colonial charm and experience life as it used to be

Accommodation of Craig Appin Bungalow

Charmingly recreated 19th century ambience awaits you in 4 luxurious bedrooms with attached bathrooms – complete with hot/cold showers. Relax in the spacious living room or in the separate lounge with Cable TV and DVD player, and enjoy your meals in style in the grand dining room. The large, beautifully laid out garden offers magnificent views too.

Turn back the clock to the comforts of another era where 3 beautiful old-worldly bedrooms and a spacious suite complete with 21st century amenities are yours to stay in true colonial style. Relax in the warmth of the living room or the cosy lounge/library where Cable TV and DVD player will keep you up-to-date and entertained, but let the exquisitely authentic décor of the dining room take you to the glory days of the past as you sample the cuisine to match.

Facts of Craig Appin Bungalow

City - Hatton

Category - Tea Plantation Bungalows

Distance from Colombo - 110 Km (3 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 145 Km (3.45 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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