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Kandy Home Stay Sri Lanka

Overview of Kandy Home Stay

Kandy Home Stay is a cozy tree house situated on a hillside in the beautiful village of Kobbekaduwa in Kandy. This homestay is an entirely independent structure built on top of alarge Ficus tree. It comprises of one bedroom with Queen size bed for double sharing,a balcony overlooking the mountain greenery, an ensuite bathroom with shower& hot water and a private sit-out amidst the trees. At dawn the tree housewakes up to the sound of bird songs and squirrels chirping from the nearbybranches and sometimes the chattering of monkeys too. It is made for truerelaxation amidst the beauty of nature.

Some of the interestingthings to do nearby include bird watching, spice trails, visiting the ricefields, village walks, bathing at a natural water sprout, visiting the mountaintemple, visiting an ancestral mansion, being part of traditional Sri Lankancooking experience, painting lessons and observing cottage industries in thevillage.

Dining of Kandy Home Stay

Meals served at the tree house are traditional Sri Lankan prepared fresh and wholesome. It a also a good opportunity to learn about Sri Lankan cooking and to interact closely with the host family, learning about Sri Lankan traditions and culture.
Facts of Kandy Home Stay

City - Kandy

Category - Tree House in Sri Lanka

Distance from Colombo - 134 km (3 h 48 min Drive)

Distance from Airport - 101 km (3 h 5 min Drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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