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Eva Lanka Resort- Tangalle Sri Lanka

Overview of Eva Lanka Resort- Tangalle

Like in Paradise: far away from hustle and bustle the Eva Lanka Resort is situated: On a little hill, surrounded by a wonderful tropical garden and bordered from one of the most beautiful beaches in the south of Sri Lanka.

Accommodation of Eva Lanka Resort- Tangalle

The 23 cottages are build in admirable harmony with the nature and each has a wonderful garden or sea view.

One with the nature, the Resort is a real oasis of peace and quiet, interrupted only by the sound of the ocean and the bird singing.

The air-conditioned cottages (and 6 standard rooms) are provided with fans, spacious bathrooms with showers, WC, cold and hot water, international direct dialing facilities and a private terrace.

The Rooms

The Standard Rooms (30 sq.m) have two single beds, A/C, fan, a big bathroom and shower, Telephone, room-and laundry service. The Rooms are situated in one building and each has his own private terrace with Garden View.

The Chalets

There are two kinds of Chalets: Double Chalet and Twin Chalet, both available with Garden or Sea View. The Double Chalets, with their 50 sq.m have a king size double bed and two single beds in a separated area.  The Twin Chalets (a little bigger than the Double) are equipped with two king size single beds (that can be unite) and they also offer two single beds in a separated area. Each Chalet has his own private terrace.

Services & Facilities

On the top of the hill you’ll find a 300 sq.m. salt water swimming-pool. At the bottom of the hill a smaller round salt water swimming-pool, built on a natural terrace over looking the Indian Ocean. In the East side of the park there is a water-slide, snake downwards from the heights, where your children can have fun.

The two big open-air restaurants, serve up local, international, authentic Italian cuisine &  Ayurvedic kitchen (separated Restaurant). In the large open-air bar you can enjoy Italian coffee and tropical drinks. A Tennis court and Table Tennis are also available.

Laundry service, Room service, Safety lockers, Money exchange and Credit card facilities available.


The Eva Lanka Hotel is located in one of the most beautiful parts on the south coast of Sri Lanka, set in a secluded jungle-like area, near the little and typical fisher town Tangalle. Hidden under leafy trees, the big cottages are perched on a slide hill, overlooking a gorgeous piece of the Indian Ocean. The white-sand beaches surrounding the Resort, the clear water of the coral bay in front of it and the 30000 sq m hotel garden with thousands of tropical trees, plants and flowers, make a natural paradise of it.

The Ayurveda Department 

The Ayurveda Department in Eva Lanka has a German Management. A German and English speaking guest relation is always available for your needs, specially during the consultations with the Ayurveda physicians.

The Treatment area is situated in the middle of the Hotels garden near the guests rooms.

The Treatment cabins are cabanas in traditional Sri Lankan stile surrounded by wonderful tropical flowers and plants.

Treatment Programs 

  • Anti Stress
  • Panchakarma Purification (Detoxification)
  • Weight Reduction Program
  • Curative Cure – Heilkur (treating   particular diseases)

The Treatments

During your stay at Eva Lanka you will get a minimum of 3 to 6 treatments daily. These are: massages, packs, bathes or cleaning treatments  for a duration of 2 to 2 and a half hours.

In case of a curative cure you will get more treatments and special medicines prepared by the pharmacists.

The basis of the Panchakarma treatment is a process of purification and rejuvenation. The main aim of the treatments is to eliminate the internal causative factors of diseases.

According to Ayurveda the accumulation of ama, or toxic substances accumulated in the body during the past, due to wrong food habits, week digestion, inadequate sleep, emotional imbalance and stress, are the main reasons of an imbalance of the three doshas (the body constitution according to Ayurveda) vata, pitta and kapha.

Toxins are build up and diseases appear. 

The Ayurveda Treatment is designed to gather the accumulated toxins in specific parts of the body, using Oil massages (oleation Therapy) and 

Heat Treatments (Sudation Therapy), and to expel them from the body using the:Panchakarma Cleaning Treatments.

Panchakarma means literally: five procedures to clean the body:

Nasya (nasal medication), herbal oil is administered through the nostril .

Vamana (vomiting treatment), internal herbal medicines are administered to induce vomiting.

Vireka (purgation), internal medicines are administered to induce purgation.

Wasthi (enema), herbal medicine in form of decoction or oil is administered through anus.

Rakta Mokshana (blood letting), in this procedure impure blood is drained out of the body through various means (needle picking, Venesection, Leaching, etc.)

The following illnesses or problems had been treated successfully by our doctors:

Chronic headache, bronchitis and asthma, diabetes, 

neck-and backaches, symptoms or signs of paralysis and namnes, over- or underweight, female disorders, as fertility problems and menopause problems, gastric- and digestion-problems, Impotence, prostate gland problems, hypertension, high cholesterol level, age-related problems as muscle weakness and energy looseness, skin problems as acne, psoriasis or neurodermitis, allergies as hay fever, sleeplessness and depression. Furthermore the Panchakarma treatments are recommended for Detoxification after Chemotherapy, after Heart attack or Stroke to recover.

The Ayurveda treatments offered are very helpful if you are under stress and if you need rest, a change and new energy.

Beauty Treatments

Needless to say that Eva Lanka takes care also for your beauty: Special treatments as face & body massages with ghee, face masks, body packs and peelings are part of the cure.

The Ayurvedic meals

Diet is a fundamental factor in Ayurvedic Treatment. Your meals are composed specially according to your body constitution and your physical problems. For best results of the Ayurvedic treatment your menu will be changed from time to time concerning the treatment status and following the Doctors diagnosis. The menu is mostly vegetarian, exceptionally fish or chicken can be served if requested.

Once a week the cook will show and explain how to cook Ayurvedic meals, so you can copy this marvelous receipts at home.


An experienced Yoga-Master will train with you five days in the week the several yoga exercises: the Asanas, positions for supporting your treatments, and if you like he will teach you Meditation as well. The Yoga Garden is placed on a wooden hut in the middle of a lotus pond.

Flower Bath

On the last day of the cure, you will receive a very special bath: the Flower Bath. It is in cool water that closes the pores of the skin and helps your body, to prepare for colder climate. You will be bathing in colourfull flowers and the wonderful scent of blossom essences. The Flower Bath is the very special climax of your Ayurveda treatment. With this treatment you spoilt yourself by doing something for your health and your well being. We are sure that you will return home full of new energy and joie de vivre. The blessing of the doctor, bespoken over you after the Flower Bath, will accompany you.

Activities Available in Eva Lanka Resort- Tangalle

  • Ayurveda, Panchakarma & Wellness
  • Bird Watching
  • Photography and Filming
  • Turtle Watching

Facts of Eva Lanka Resort- Tangalle

City - Tangalle

Category - Ayurveda Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 185 Km (5 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 215 Km (5.45 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates On Request

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