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Purple Coot Resort - Wadduwa Sri Lanka

Overview of Purple Coot Resort - Wadduwa

HHLL is a speciality Luxury Ayurveda Retreat(s) combining leisure travel with dedicated hospitality and healthcare facilities. All Ayurveda retreats have our own inbuilt Ayurveda pharmacy, with all medication imported from Kerala, India. Well trained, experienced and dedicated panel of doctors, therapists and nurses from Kerala.

Apart from Ayurveda treatments they focus on Lifestyle & Wellness programs such as Yoga and meditation. When traveling, most of us desire accommodation that are comfortable, and we dream about activities outside of the room, perhaps even outside of the resort. When traveling, guest expectations are usually recreation, sightseeing, creating memories that are pleasant and enjoyable. When guests are seeking us for treatments, our objective is directed toward creating pleasant memories of relaxation while enjoying the traditional Ayurveda treatment well focused on wellness and treatment.

they have a highly trained and skilled group of hotel employees. HHLL provides a higher quality service to our guests than other properties in the hospitality industry, while they maintain a much broader rapport between staff – guest to create a better physical, mental, and emotional experience for the guests.


Discover the heart of the destination through entertaining, competitive, and authentic experiences designed exclusively for you and your family. Make your vacation truly unforgettable with unique experiences that very few have the chance to do.

Bolgoda Lake is believed to be the largest natural freshwater lake in Sri Lanka. The body of the water spans 347 square kilometres but only reaches a maximum depth of 50 feet. It is located on the outskirts of Colombo, the country’s capital. The Lake consists of North Lake, which is the largest portion, most of which is located in Colombo district, South Lake is situated in Kalutara district.

Things to do around

Boat Rides

Boat riding is an unforgettable romantic activity you can enjoy with your partner or a fun filled activity with your family.

Bird Watching

Early morning a boat ride can spot many species of birds which are encountered in Sri Lanka as you ride along the Bolgoda Lake.


Bolgoda Lake offers one of the best locations in Sri Lanka for fishing enthusiasts to indulge their senses and test their skills. It also provides the most calm and serene backdrop for this fun activity.

Water Sports/Kayaking

Take a break from a long day, welcoming atmosphere of Bolgoda Lake will guarantee you an enjoyable day filled with fun and excitement.

Village Tour

Experience the pleasure of true village life that winds back time and let you experience this island in a different era, unspoilt and refreshing.

Cookery Demo

Enjoy a fun and informative cookery demonstrations taking place in spacious, cozy kitchen which can comfortably accommodate 8 to 10 guests. The emphasis is on cooking fresh organic seasonal dishes that taste and look delicious and are simple to prepare. This will cover a range of cookery skills, hints & tips whilst cooking fabulous, easy to cook tasty food.

Wellness Retreat at Purple Coot Resort 

Wellness offerings at Purple Coot are tailor-made to suit each individual’s unique body constitution. A careful assessment is made of the individual’s symptoms, sleep pattern, activity patterns, diet, etc. before treatment in prescribed


Yoga and meditation are the gateways to wholesome living. Combined with Ayurveda, practicing these will direct a person towards good physical and mental health. This is why we offer daily yoga and meditation classes for our guests

Ayurveda Treatments

  • Arthritis & Rheumatic diseases
  • Osteo Arthritis Knee joint
  • Psoriasis Management
  • Osteoporosis
  • Multiple Sclerosis Management
  • Respiratory Allergic Diseases
  • Obesity Management
  • Spine related disorders
  • Sports Injuries
  • Degenerative disorders
  • Muscular Skeletal Disorders
  • Supportive Therapy for Developmental Delay in Children
  • De-Addiction treatment
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Hemiplegia
  • Avascular Necrosis of Femur Head
  • Liver Dysfunctions
  • Digestive Diseases
  • Age-Related Disease

Wellness Program

  • Rejuvenation Therapy
  • Body Purification Therapy
  • Stress Management/Relaxation program
  • Healthy Spine Care
  • Fem 40 care
  • Body Immunity Treatment
  • Slimming Program
  • Beauty Care Program
  • Age-Related Diseases
  • Sports Fitness Program
  • Special Package For IT Professionals

Accommodation of Purple Coot Resort - Wadduwa

The resort boasts of 12 air-conditioned villas of which four have single rooms and the other four have double rooms. The property also has two family-sized villas. All the rooms are tastefully done up with contemporary amenities. The cottages boast of robust woodwork and are designed to enhance the beauty of the location.

Lake View Deluxe Double Cottage

Deluxe cottages reflect a simple yet elegant architectural style. A spacious living area, a bedroom, a modern bathroom and a private balcony overlooking our well-tended gardens are a treat for the traveller’s soul.

Lawn View Family Cottage

Replete with stylish woodwork, the family cottages are reminiscent of cabins in the woods. These large cottages are the perfect place for families to unwind and bond. Multiple rooms, a spacious living area, a quiet portico and stunning scenery provide the best setting for a well-rounded holiday.

Dining of Purple Coot Resort - Wadduwa

The restaurant serves local and western meals for dinner.
Facts of Purple Coot Resort - Wadduwa

City - Wadduwa

Category - Ayurveda Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 51.3 km (1 h 28 min Drive)

Distance from Airport - 74.1 km (1 h 32 min Drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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