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Villa Rosa - Kandy Sri Lanka

Overview of Villa Rosa - Kandy

Villa Rosa Kandy offers a slightly different hotel experience in Kandy, Sri Lanka.Less than ten minutes by tuk-tuk from the town, you are in a different world away from the hustle and bustle of traffic and life.For more than 10 years this Villa Rosa has attracted single travellers, couples of all age groups and families plus friends from all walks of life and different corners of the world.

Step inside and see what rooms and suites Villa Rosa Hotel has to offer.

“Kandy is a bustling noisy place; a sharp contrast to the peace and tranquility of the Villa. When you first arrive the road is quite daunting but you soon come to realise that it forms a barrier between your sanctuary, the Villa and the rabble outside. One of the many charms of the place the resident tuk-tuk service and although geographically it may be a distance of 3 km between the Villa and downtown Kandy you can get into town anytime you like on the tuk-tuk.”Beside the stunning view, it is the Sri Lankan cuisine our guests enjoy most. High above the Mahaweli River you can just let go and chill out – or have a dip in the swimming pool of the Cinnamon Citadel down along the river. We drop you and pick you up free of charge. Children love the tuk-tuk ride!

Most stay two nights, some three, four or more. They only accept bookings for minimum 2 nights to avoid the atmosphere of a bus stand with one half coming and the other going.Why not to stay 3 or 4 nights – from the 4th night it will be cheaper per night and we help to organize your trips. And you need at least 2 full days to discover Kandy and the vicinity!


  • 8 units in 2 buildings
  • 1 single, 5 double, 2 suites for family & friends
  • Rooms with garden-, valley- or river view
  • Hot water, mosquito nets, ceiling fans
  • AC (which you do not really need) in 3 rooms in the valley view building and one in the river view building
  • 8 rooms with balcony or veranda
  • Sat TV in the lounge
  • Baby cot and extra bed available
  • Restaurant with inside and outside areas
  • Sun bathing terrace, library, table tennis
  • Bottled drinking water free of charge
  • Pool in a hotel close by free of charge
  • Wifi free of charge
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Free Tuk-Tuk drop in Kandy Town
  • Excursions, Day trips

Accommodation of Villa Rosa - Kandy

All rooms are nonsmoking rooms but you can smoke outside.Minimum stay 2 nights, from the 4th night they give a discount of 20% on bb rates outside the peak season 15th Dec to 15th Jan, and July/Aug.In 2003 Villa Rosa was transformed into a hotel to offer individual travelers, families and friends a base to discover both their inner selves and the outer world. The cool breeze, the many species of birds, the evening fruit bats, the chirp of the cicadas, the croak of the frogs –all will welcome you in this oasis of peace – a hideaway from the noisy and restless world.To match different guest requirements, They offer different types and sizes of rooms in two separate buildings: from 20 to 50 m2, suitable for single travelers, couples, families and friends – also with children of all age groups in different rate categories.

Single Room   Standard Double 

20 m2 with garden view on the ground floor of the building with river view, mini bathroom of 6 m2 with shower. This room has a queen size (155 x 200 cm) bed and can accommodate up to 2 . There is a small sitting corner – once we remove this, an extra bed is also possible. There are big mosquito nets and ceiling fans. When you leave this room and walk across the lawn you will have a stunning view overlooking the Mahaweli.

Deluxe Double Room (on the ground floor with river view) 

This double de luxe with 26 m2 has a bathroom of 10 m2 with shower. There is a huge open veranda with river view and a terrace with a roof which is perfect if the weather is rainy. There is a double bed (180 x 200 cm) with a big mosquito net and a sitting area, space for 2 adults and an Extra Bed . This room has AC. Since it is on the ground floor and the bathroom has no obstacles inside it is suitable for wheelchairs.

Deluxe Double Room (on the first floor with river view)

This double de luxe with 23 m2 has a bathroom with shower plus bathtub of 8 m2. There is a big balcony of 25 m2. You have a stunning river view. On the big balcony we also serve meals – if you prefer to have it in front of your room. There is a double bed (180 x 200 cm) with a big mosquito net and a sitting area. You have a ceiling fan and a high roof. There is space for 2 adults and an Extra Bed .

Deluxe Double Room (with green view)

This double de luxe with 20 m2 has a bathroom with shower of 6.5 m2.There is no balcony accessible from the room. From the room you have view onto the green. There is a double bed (180 x 200 cm) with a big mosquito net and a sitting area. There is space for 2 adults and an Extra Bed . The room has AC and a high roof. From this room you have to walk to the restaurant for 50 m.

Deluxe Double (with valley view) 

These 2 rooms (21 m2) on the 1st floor of the new building with valley view (which we also give as a family suite with two bathrooms) have a big balcony with a view of the white Buddha statue, guarding Kandy town. The bathrooms are 8 m2 with a shower and the other one (6 m2) with a shower. Both rooms have AC. In both rooms we have a double bed (180 x 195 cm) with a big mosquito net. There is space for an extra bed in each room. From these rooms you have to walk to the restaurant for 50m.

Honeymoon Suite

This room has a sleeping and sitting area of 43 m2 with high roof. It has a roof top garden of 21 m2 with a bathtub. The bathroom has 12 m2 with 2 wash basins and a big rain shower. An extra bed is not possible. You have a round view of more than 180o overlooking the river and the hill country. It is airy and you have a ceiling fan

Dining of Villa Rosa - Kandy

Villa Rosa kitchen offers typical Sri Lankan food, rice and curry of high quality standard. For dinner they have a set menu of 5 or 6 different curries plus rice, papadam and chutney. The selection of curries changes by the day, so you can eat 2 or 3 time rice & curry without eating the same thing. As a dessert they offer a choice of 3 or 4 different sweets and fruits: banana or pineapple fritters with ice cream or curd, caramelized mango with ice-cream, sometimes watalapam or other Sri Lankan pudding, fruit salad or fresh fruit. Finally coffee or tea. The team invites you after 5 pm to come into the kitchen to see how rice & curry is prepared

you can enjoy

Breakfast/Snack/Lunch/Sri Lankan Rice & Curry Dinner/Western Type Dinner within the Villa Rosa Premises 

Facts of Villa Rosa - Kandy

City - Kandy

Category - Hill Country Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 135 km (3 h 53 min Drive)

Distance from Airport - 154 km (2 h 16 min Drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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