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Sisindu C Sri Lanka

Overview of Sisindu C

A really beautiful villa situated on a stunning sandy beach — 10 kms from Galle and the new Southern Expressway to Colombo. A small courtyard takes you through large double doors into a spacious and charming room, outside of which a swimming pool and manicured lawn lead to the beach. Sisindu C "The perfect place for you"

Accommodation of Sisindu C

The villa comprises of a huge living/dining room with open plan kitchen, and large chill-out sofas. There is also a shower, loo and changing room, and separate drying room, with washing machine and linen cupboards.

Immediately outside the living room, there is a veranda leading out to a swimming pool, beyond which there is a lawned garden with restful ambalama, swaying, statuesque palm trees and the Ocean.

Facts of Sisindu C

City - Galle

Category - Boutique Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 2 h 36 min (129 km)

Distance from Airport - 2 h 43 min (153 km)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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