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Airport City Hub Sri Lanka

Overview of Airport City Hub

Airport CityHub is a luxury hotel with the vision to be exactly what you wanted ..and more. We believe in service; Excellent service! And we understand that good service can only occur when every other element runs smoothly, efficiently and professionally from well maintained facilities to well maintained staff. At the CityHub Hotel, we foster a sense of community and commitment among our staff which guests are unique, so we listen. Our goal is to make every stay for every guest exactly how they want it… and better

Accommodation of Airport City Hub

20 luxuriously furnished rooms, Airport CityHub is a company that has a solid foundation of tourism and travel as a brand new luxurious Hu
Facts of Airport City Hub

City - Katunayake

Category -

Distance from Colombo - 38 min (3.3 km)

Distance from Airport - 1 h 15 min (35.2 km)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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Hotels in Sri Lanka

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