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Panorama Resort Kandy Sri Lanka

Overview of Panorama Resort Kandy

The Kandy Panorama Resort is owned by a Sri Lankan couple who has spent 20 years in Switzerland and is fully conversant in English, Swiss-German and German languages. Also very familiar with the aspiration needs of the European communities culture. This will immensely help them to offer fullest satisfaction during their stay in Sri Lanka.

Accommodation of Panorama Resort Kandy

All the bedrooms opens out to a greenish blue view which stretches to many km’s yonder you see the Hunnasgiriya and the knuckles forest mountain range. Foot of the resort you look in to the Mahaweli river which flows through the valley up and down stream up to 21 kms. All bed rooms are furnished with European style furniture to give maximum comfort homely atmosphere to the guests. You will witness every morning the sun rise from the Eastern mountain slopes.  


Facts of Panorama Resort Kandy

City - Kandy

Category -

Distance from Colombo - 3 h 41 min (150 km)

Distance from Airport - 3 h 3 min (118 km)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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