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Villa Vista Haputale Sri Lanka

Overview of Villa Vista Haputale

Villa Vista is the perfect location to escape the chaos of city life and just take a breath. Here you’ll find the true peace of the hill country; with its mountain air and nothing but the soft sounds of nature, it is a surprise to many how few travellers know of this Sri Lankan gem. CNN named Haputale as one of Asia’s most overlooked destinations and so we invite you. Come and see. Don’t overlook paradise.

Accommodation of Villa Vista Haputale

Villa Vista is a charming property, adorned with beautiful antiques and all the modern comforts. Along with the kitchen, TV room and library, the villa houses three en-suite bedrooms, two doubles and a triple. Outside you’ll find a scenic breakfast area, manicured garden and a pool overlooking the mountain range. Whichever room you walk through in the Villa, you’ll find a view better than the last. The staff are extremely friendly and ready to accommodate your every need. Although food is mostly vegetarian, guests can bring their own meat and the staff will be happy to prepare it for you.
Facts of Villa Vista Haputale

City - Haputale

Category - Hill Country Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 5 h 42 min (214 km)

Distance from Airport - 5 h 48 min (214 km)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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