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Treehouse Travellers Hideout Sri Lanka

Overview of Treehouse Travellers Hideout

We have the perfect way for you to get away from everything. Welcome to the jungle where the wild boar roams the night and the peacock heralds the day.

Imagine a small authentic village with terraced green paddy fields, banana orchards and pepper-gardens. Where anybody has large fruit trees of all kinds in their home gardens. Fresh produce is shared with neighbours and you will meet always smiling people.

We are located 260km (7-8 hours) from Colombo and 80km (2 hours) from Arugam Bay/East Coast. Monaragala is in the central Eastern part of Sri Lanka - in the Uva Province. Our village is around 10 km north of Monaragala town and we still have a good climate nestled between the upcountry and the Monaragala mountain range, behind where the dry zone begins. In our village there is a mountain from where you can see the east coast on a clear day. 

Here you can watch and learn, help to grow and take care of plants, try out something or just harvest farm-fresh produce and enjoy the fruits & vegetables. 

Or maybe you just relax all day and eat what we prepare for you from the garden. It's up to you. There are many things to do here. But this is also the perfect place to do nothing.

Dining of Treehouse Travellers Hideout

If it’s not from our own garden, then it would come from the village. However we also buy from the farmers market or organic shops.

We select always seasonal fruits & vegetables. It is very important for us to get fruits tree ripe to enjoy the maximum taste. You will feel the difference.

It might be very interesting for rawfoodists to stay with us. Maybe even more for us then for you. Just tell us what you need and we will give you a rawfood retreat that you won’t forget. I am sure we will learn a lot from each other and having a wonderful time.

Rawfood: That means fresh fruits and vegetables and of course a lot of greens from our garden. You could eat straight from the trees or enjoying Anushas special fruit icecream, juices and smoothies. Anusha has even a few very nice rawfood recipes for salads and soups.

Facts of Treehouse Travellers Hideout

City - Monaragala

Category - Tree House in Sri Lanka

Distance from Colombo - 6 h 34 min (281 km)

Distance from Airport - 6 h 31 min (259 km)

Price Guide - rates on request

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