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Melheim Kandy Sri Lanka

Overview of Melheim Kandy

Entering into the serene and fantasy ambiance, suspended in the natural dreamscape offering a breathtaking retreat in the charming hill tops of the tradition Kandyan palace. Built to enhance extreme relaxation and let your vision blend the cultural spirituality with the combination of luxury ambiance in a boutique resort based in Kandy. Melheim Resort – Kandy, spreads the wings of a warm welcome for a perfect holiday get-away for extremely treasured hours of freedom without the need to worry about any affairs.

This resort hotel nested in the peaks of Kandy, is a gateway to the heavens of true ecstasy and breathtaking view, giving you the ever satisfaction essence of the drive. Surrounded by the thick forest with the beautiful blend of green leaves and dark brownish barks, gives the true pleasure of sighting the beauties of Mother Nature. Indeed awakening your thought process reminding of your presence in a different environment.

The resort is built in a way to capture the true vicinity of the morning dew making their rhythmic moves on the greeneries. Along with the rising sunshine between the mountain ranges showering its reflections into the morning air, giving the colors of a chilled morning in the hills of Kandy. And the transformation of the sky from a cloudy blue sky to a purple – blue evening is a magical sight with the reflections of the beauty during an evening swim.

Melheim Resort – Kandy gives you the comfort of a splendid experience of hospitality making sure our guests check out with lasting memories and a “will come back again” impression. We strive our perfections to bring a modern essence blending the cultural picture in mind. We amalgam the colors of comfortable accommodation and true dining experience with passion, to give our guests a unique experience. Whether it is for your family outing, a road trip with your colleagues or romantic gestures, the resort hotel - the Melheim have opened arms to fit all requirements. We at Melheim Resort – Kandy have drafted and polished into experienced hands with customer needs standing our “number one” priority.

Accommodation of Melheim Kandy

Drawing the picture of elegance and luxury to all guest rooms with the neatly designed furniture and traditional fixtures, to Melheim resort hotel resting the hills of Kandy. The architectural blend from floor to the roof have being designed to give the feeling of limitless comfort with every room located in a manner that the greeneries and Rocky Mountains being easy to sight 180 degree from the room’s balcony.

Dining of Melheim Kandy

Exquisite dishes to match your requirements, to awaken your taste buds into exotic flavors and delightful varieties to please every guest at Melheim Resort – Kandy. Showcasing a delicious set of offerings blending the Sri Lankan flavors and spices with freshness to fulfil your moment. The garnish on your dish is added with the beautiful dinning location, to taste your favorite dish witnessing and enjoying the Kandyan site.
Facts of Melheim Kandy

City - Kandy

Category -

Distance from Colombo - 3 h 50 min (113 km)

Distance from Airport - 3 h 20 min (101 km)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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