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Bay Beach Hotel Nilaveli Sri Lanka

Overview of Bay Beach Hotel Nilaveli

Welcome to the Bay Beach Hotel located in the beautiful East coast of Nilaveli, Sri Lanka.Nilaveli located approximately 275 km away from Colombo. Nilaveli beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka renowned for its soft white sand and bays.

There are many leisure activities and excursions that can be enjoyed while you spend your holiday at the Bay Beach Hotel. Nilaveli beach is famous for recreational water sports such as scuba diving. At Bay Beach Hotel guests can enjoy activities such as diving, snorkeling, boat rides, wind surfing and whale watching.

Sun bathing is an interest thing to try. Warmth of the sun rays and the fresh breeze offer the feeling of a mental and physical relaxation you have never felt before.

Accommodation of Bay Beach Hotel Nilaveli

Bay Beach Hotel offers you 5 rooms with modern facilities. Elegantly designed air conditioned rooms offering en-suite bathrooms with hot water. 02 rooms are situated on the ground floor and 03 rooms are on the upstairs, each room with its own balcony/  Terrance .All rooms offer you fine views of the Beach / Bay.
Facts of Bay Beach Hotel Nilaveli

City - Nilaveli

Category - Beach Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 6 h 20 min (315 km)

Distance from Airport - 5 h 45 min (285 km)

Price Guide - rates on request

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