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Taragala Place Sri Lanka

Overview of Taragala Place

Managed by Shane Gunawijeya – CEO of The Bottom Line Eco Adventures, who is a Professional Member of the International Eco Tourism Society (TIES) and accredited by the Sri Lanka Eco Tourism Society (SLEF), Taragala incorporates the guidelines set out by TIES and SLEF that help uplift the living standards of the Local Community and ensures that part of the income generated goes back into the community.

When you stay at Taragala Place, you are given the opportunity to engage with Local Community and get a first hand opportunity to sample Traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, see how the food is prepared, sometimes on an open hearth and enjoy Organically grown local produce in your food.

TARAGALA has a 5  rating on TRIPADVISOR.

Accommodation of Taragala Place

Consists of 2 Independent Eco Lodges and a separate larger unit for 6 – 8 adults. Each Eco Lodge is built with a mixture of Cement & Clay has been practically designed and lovingly built incorporating Traditional Building methods using Natural resources, within a beautiful natural environment.

Each unit has electricity and Attached Bathrooms, Fans and a double Bed with self catering Facilities.

An open house plan, terrace with Reclining chairs, Outdoor Shower and Dining Area

Whilst self-catering facilities are incorporated we can organise delivery of traditional village-style meals (24 hours notice required, details available on request)

Dining of Taragala Place

Despite the focus on privacy and independence of the bungalow with its own kitchen for cooking up to your taste and desires, we can arrange for 24/7 delivery of traditional country dishes. You only need to specify the order of meals, food, or products
Facts of Taragala Place

City - Kalamatiya

Category - Adventure and Wildlife Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 4 h 20 min (215 km)

Distance from Airport - 4 h 27 min (240 km)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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