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Panwewa Wee Bissa Resort Sri Lanka

Overview of Panwewa Wee Bissa Resort

The Panwewa Wee Bissa Resort is designed in perfect harmony with nature. The Resort is built for those who love to enjoy the Ecotourism and wish to explore the culture of the locals and their livings, to enjoy trekking and discover the historical lime stone caves, picturesque lake, Paddy Fields and plantations. And to offer the visitor a perfect relaxation at modern facilities resort and feel the taste local tradition at the same time.

Privacy is the luxury. Panwewa Wee Bissa Resort offers you a perfect privacy as each of every bungalow has a big compound and enough distance.

Accommodation of Panwewa Wee Bissa Resort

Luxury accommodations, including mud house cottages and bungalows with all facilities and star class experience at the capital city of North Central Province, Sri Lanka

Dining of Panwewa Wee Bissa Resort

Exclusive Sri Lankan Cuisine, mouthwatering dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables straight from our own fields

Facts of Panwewa Wee Bissa Resort

City - Wilpattu National Park

Category - Adventure and Wildlife Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 5 h (206 km)

Distance from Airport - 4 h 39 min (180 km)

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Hotels in Sri Lanka

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