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When we bought this 14 acre land in 2008, we named it ‘Monaratenna’ after the flocks of peacocks (monaras) that strutted across it. They are still here, and in larger numbers, as part of the land is reforested and the rest reverted to a dry zone farm. The Urubokka Oya, winds it way down to the sea past our land. The estuary (modara) – which the village is named after – is a few minutes by boat or foot. The beach is broad and filled with character, with not a single tourist around. It’s a lovely place to start and end your day.

We have made a special effort to ‘touch gently’ when building our lodges. We have experimented with a range of resource efficient and environmentally friendly material and methods. Our biggest success is being totally self-sufficient in electricity needs via solar power. We have gone over our target and now export to the main grid.

Accommodation of KAHADAMODARA

Garden Bungalow and Cottage : 

Set by a green lawn that rolls down to the scrub and pasture Siyambla Bungalow and Kohomba Cottage are ideal for families and those who love to watch peacocks strutting around open lawns. Both the Bungalow and Cottage have their own dinning space, but you are welcome to use the sea-sand restaurant by the swimming pool and yoga hall.

Siyambala Bungalow : 

Named after the Siyambala tree that shades the entrance, this open format bungalow has four bedrooms, areas for relaxing and dinning at two levels.. Siyambala can accommodate 8 adults and 3 children and is given out as a single unit. The large open spaces are specially designed with families and friends in mind. As with our other bungalows, we have added a pantry with a fridge which is particularly useful for families with young children. 


The dinning spaces at Kahandamodara compete with the much appreciated cooking! Each bungalow cottage and villa has its own unique dinning space. To this we have added, a BBQ space on the open lawn, a sea-sand restaurant and a star-gaze roof top! The choice is almost too much, unless you are long stay guests!!

Our cook is an expert at a wide variety of Sri Lankan and western dishes. The flavour of the southern coast predominates in the Sri Lankan food, and there is a distinct ‘Sri Lankan touch’ to the western dishes. In addition to vegetables and fruits, our home garden will give you a variety of fresh ‘green leaves’ that have now become all but inaccessible to the urban Sri Lankan. If you see Nelson wondering around with a basket, join him and pick your meal! And the seafood often comes directly from the boats that draw up on the beach. You can join our staff at dawn to peer down at the nets and pick your fish.


City - Tangalle

Category - Hideaways

Distance from Colombo - 3 h 47 min (212 km)

Distance from Airport - 3 h 52 min (237 km)

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