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Shunyata Ayurveda Villa - Induruwa Sri Lanka

Overview of Shunyata Ayurveda Villa - Induruwa

The quaint and exclusive Spa - Shunyata Villa -  is located on the uncrowded beaches of  Induruwa, on Sri Lanka’s South-West Coast, about 65 km south of the commercial capital Colombo.Induruwa also known for it’s turtle preservation is a small fishing village, 5 – 10 km north of  the major tourist resorts of Bentota and Beruwala. Right in the center of the idyllic Induruwa Beach, overlooking the Indian Ocean, you'll find Shunyata Villa.

The transition from the roughly 1200 sqm sized property to the sea is fluent, allowing you to enjoy your meals in a tropical, relaxed atmosphere. Why not dine under mangrove trees directly off the beach? The stone and coral free sea is perfect for swimming and guarantees hours of unspoiled fun.

Accommodation of Shunyata Ayurveda Villa - Induruwa

The hotel and the rooms are very inviting and well designed. Creating a great, relaxed atmosphere.

The management and the team of the Shunyata Villa are dedicated to their philosophy, to make a clear difference. On their many travels through Asia and other tropical destinations Maria and Jürgen Neurohr decided that more outstanding, well managed and creatively designed  ’health resorts’ are needed.

People from the West know only too well the stress and challenges of the daily work routine; and which environment they need to relax and to recuperate.

Shunyata Villa is open for those who are looking for the extra treat.

The word “ Shunyata “ originates in the Tibetan Buddhism and one of the meanings is "Ocean of Light“ This inspired Maria and Jürgen Neurohr to the dream of  a bright, beach-front hotel. The whole architectural and interior planning reflects the concept of the inclusion of light.

All our rooms are facing the sea, providing an unrestricted view. On the the terraces and balconies accompanied by a mild breeze and the sound of the waves.

The Mainhouse

The main house consists of five large, exquisitely designed and well appointed rooms. All with sea-view.

Ground Floor : Room 1 and 2 – luxury

(total size each 50,5sqm ) (Room each 25sqm) plus Changing Room/ Wash Room (4sqm ), Bathroom ( 9sqm ) with open to the sky windows, natural crystal walls, tropical plants and a shower-waterfall. The terraces (12.5sqm) are equipped with hammocks and teal garden furniture with direct access to pool and garden.The terraces have glass-sliding doors, in case of wet weather they are still usable as living room.

First Floor : Rooms  3, 4  and 5 -luxury large

Both rooms are very airy with ceilings directly under the roof. Open plan designed, the bathroom with whirlpool tub (Jacuzzi ) is integrated into the room in an elevated position, guaranteeing a direct view at the Indian Ocean. Room 3 / 4:  42 sqm plus Balcony ( 12 sqm )  = 54sqm

The private balconies (12sqm ) are fitted with a hammock, fixed sun bed with comfortable cover and a teak garden furniture. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, fan, telephone, mini bar. and. CD-player.

The terraces have glass-sliding doors, in case of wet weather they are still usable as living room. The standard of the luxury large rooms are equivalent to a junior suite.The four poster beds can be fitted with either a double mattress  or two single mattresses and  is covered by a spacious mosquito net.The 72sqm sweet-water pool boasts a decorative waterfall, a statue with fountain and jet-streams. Ideal for water work-shops.

Facilities at Shunyata Ayurveda Villa

Ayurveda Intensive / Panchakarma Treatments

The main focus of theses treatments is stress relief (relaxation, prevention, enjoyment).Individually ... by our Ayurveda doctor according to your personal needs and wishes.

  • all standard Ayurveda massages with focus on relaxation- and deep relaxation   massages
  • instead of the medical Ayurveda oils we are using natural, aroma therapy  massage- and treatment oils, as well with our bath and steam treatments.
  • Treatments with ayurvedic medicine as well as the cleansing of the    Panchakarma doesn't apply

Recommendable for unbalanced health and intensive cleansing of your body. Ayurveda is a holistic treatment system with the aim to re-create a healthy balance of body, mind and soul. Based on the prescriptions of our in-house doctor the following treatments apply:

  • Head and face massages
  • Specialised massages like back, joints or foot...
  • Jet-lag Massages, relaxation and deep relaxation massages
  • Synchron massages
  • Shirodhara (Stirnguss)
  • Thermo massages
  • Powder massages
  • Herbal treatments
  • Inhalation, steam-, herbal- and flower bath
  • The cleansing of the Panchakarma according to your medical diagnosis
  • Special treatments of ears, eyes and skin
  • Accupuncture and Homeopuncture
  • All treatments are supported by individual prescribed Ayurveda medicine and medical oils.

Ayurveda, is a gentle path to health and well being. It is part of an "ancient knowledge” which was kept alive by its inclusion into daily life of Sri Lanka.

For those people who are looking for a lasting health improvement and are prepared to invest the necessary time we offer custom treatments. Here the initial diagnosis and the visible effects are the basis for your individual treatments, Ayurveda medicine, diet.

Our Ayurveda team is well trained with an extensive professional experience. We undertake all traditional Ayurveda treatments. Due to the overlookable size of our health resort the physiotherapists can work with the highest degree of quality and authenticity.

The Ayurveda-Pavilion is build by natural materials and only 10m away from the beach. The top-floor is our massage area ( with Shirodara- and Inhalation equipment) and offers a spectacular view over the Indian Ocean. A steam box awaits you in the authentic clay covered ground floor room. In the annex of our bungalow you’ll find our specially designed herbal- and flower bath.


We use only Ayurvedic medicine and oils from companies, which comply with the WHO guidelines regarding the production of natural medicines. So we can ensure, that they are free from residua of pesticides, heavy metal or other contaminations.

Activities Available in Shunyata Ayurveda Villa - Induruwa

  • Turtle Watching
  • Yoga

Dining of Shunyata Ayurveda Villa - Induruwa

The restaurant is exclusively for guests of the Shunyata Villa. The kitchen offers an amazing variety of local specialities, prepared in authentic Ayurveda-style.

International dishes are available on request. All meals are prepared with only the freshest ingredients.

Facts of Shunyata Ayurveda Villa - Induruwa

City - Induruwa

Category - Ayurveda Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 70 Km (2.15 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 100 Km (3 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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