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Avian Breeze - Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka

Overview of Avian Breeze - Nuwara Eliya

A place that is so comforting that you will feel light hearted the very moment you step in to its luxurious entry... this is the place that makes you feel like you never left home… and we call such a soothing place as 'Hotel Avian Breeze'.

Unlike many other hotels in Nuwara Eliya we are hard wired to make your stay undeniably peaceful, like a soft white feather you will gently reach the heavens to the rhythm of the Avian Breeze... and that's a promise we strive to secure every ticking moment.

With humble beginnings in the year 2010 a uniquely furnished edifice was erected among the green carpeted tea plantations that is overlooking the far beyond Blue Peaks. The impeccably furnished place of abode was named as 'Avian Breeze' after considering its beautiful location and the feather light feeling that every guest experience during their stay.

Our naturally glamed up strong existence is heightened due to its uniquely designed five rooms sharpening the best of Mother Nature's irresistible features. Together with the plush setting and the most appealing state of the art modern day amenities, we always try to let our most valued lodger be attuned to the unnoticed majesty of the surrounding nature in his/her own comfort zone.

This is a place to revive yourself, seek the meaning of life and tap into the green life which we are all belong to.

We are a committed bunch of individuals who strives to keep you at the peak of happiness at all times. Thus we provide the following services, giving you worry free solutions at all times.


When you want to travel within or beyond the boundaries of Nuwara Eliya we are able to arrange transportation to escort you to any destination your heart wants to go. For more details contact us.

Special Functions

Searching for a cosy atmosphere to host that one very special moment of your life? We offer spacing for in-house small dinners, party space for birthdays and other special celebratory moments and also we are able to arrange the ideal mood for honeymooners to start their new-life based on strong love.

Butler Services

Avian Breeze specialises in serving our most valued lodgers with an international standard butler service that is slightly different in nature. We take care of you not as a paying lodger but as our own family. Therefore when you start having Avian Breeze squeezed into your travel itinerary be sure that you’re in safe hands.

VIP Services

The specialist staffs of VIP services are ready to pamper you, from the moment you check-in to the Avian Breeze reception and until the moment of check-out. You may address any of our staff members to address your needs and any other special matters that needs sorted out.


Make your stay worth and go wander in to the beauty beyond the Avian Breeze’s charm. If a sudden urge drives you to go tourism in Nuwara Eliya, we have lined up best of the must see’s in order to add value to your relaxation

Facts of Avian Breeze - Nuwara Eliya

City - Nuwara Eliya

Category - Hill Country Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 4 h 33 min (199 km)

Distance from Airport - 3 h 58 min (167 km)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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Hotels in Sri Lanka

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