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Hotel Tree of Life - Kandy Sri Lanka

Overview of Hotel Tree of Life - Kandy

Hotel Tree of Life; standing tall in its antique splendour it has a glorious history since its conception in the year 1900. Thereby passing the 100th mile stone, Tree Of Life recalls the glory days situated at Yahalatenna surrounded by 700 acres of Tea plantations, playing home to the British soldiers who owned the surrounding estate area as well as being the perfect hideout for Lord Mount Barren during the dark period of Second World War.

It has also been one of the resting places during the Sinhala Kandyan era, where people from different parts of Sri Lanka visited this area on their way to hill capital, or during their journey to other parts of Central province.

Situated in an area of great ancient atmosphere the area not only is valued for its antiquity but also for the treasures hidden beneath the earth such as silicon, amethyst and crystal clear spring water, which adds indescribable value to the whole picture combining values of unearthed surprises, surrounding beauty and the great history.

"My father likes Ceylon enormously and like all of us were enchanted with its Garden of Eden beauty recalls the countess. He love to ride when he could find any free time in the forest that bordered the Garden now the Udawatte Kele Nature resort.

Lord Mountbatten loved the countryside, so shorter spells of leave were spent at a tea estate bunglow at Yahalatenna, 6 kilometres north of Kandy. Reminisces 77 years old Ambrose Nadarajah who worked at Kings Pavilion from 1944 – 1946. As a young housekeeping assistant and later became stewards on P & O lines. This bungalow, with its tree shaded croquet lawn, is now part of the Hotel Tree of Life."

(Reference Serendib Volume 120 Nov. 2000)

The bungalow at present resembles the secretive position of the past. After Second World War the unchanging tropical loveliness of this estate was owned by a Sinhala family named Jayawickrama. Later this land area of natural beauty was owned by Karunaratne Estate developers and several parts of the estate were sold for other personals. Ultimately the 65 acres of estate property was purchased by Hint Nuwara Eliya (Pvt) Ltd. the sister company of Tree of Life (Pvt) Ltd.


At present if a person walks into Hotel Tree of Life, they could see the place surrounded with eye catching green carpets of vegetation, glimpse of the very famous range of mountains namely Knuckles and birds of indefinable beauty singing melodies in divine sweetness.

If one wishes for a space where he/she can be at perfect ease; nothing can be compared to the comfortable space provided by Hotel Tree of Life; a classy creation among other hotels in Kandy an edifice that combines nature, health and entertainment to keep you fresh, relax and rejoice.

Facts of Hotel Tree of Life - Kandy

City - Kandy

Category - Hill Country Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 138 km (3 h 23 min Drive)

Distance from Airport - 106 km (2 h 49 min Drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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